Decent gaffe, thinking of buying?

Meself and the missus are actively house hunting in Limerick.

Ideally we would wait longer but what do pinsters think of the below? The area is pretty nice and quiet, yet still close to the city centre. I guess we should continue saving for another few years in the hope of further price drops, but there’s a kid due soon, and I figure most of the fall has taken place.

Asking 315k, Offer of 215k was rejected. Might go 250k. Executor sale.

I’d have thought there were other nice areas in Limerick where you would get a house that size, newer and in better condition, for less

Is it an average house for Limerick? Current average asking per sq.ft. for Limerick city would suggest 250k.

I like being within walking distance of the CC!

Do you really think most of the falls have taken place?
Unemployment is still higher than most parts of the country and seems like very little possibilities in the pipeline for a start.

Is there not plenty of supply in the SCR area?
I might be wrong but from browsing it seems so.

The 315k asking suggests an unrealistic expectation. If it meets your needs 235k would be an ok price.

Needs a lot of work. That kitchen and the ‘sunroom’ area I would imagine are freezing and barely habitable in winter. The back is very open to the public. I’d keep looking to be honest.

I’m not sure what your budget and expectations are but I would only buy in this market if the property ticks all the boxes. You asked so here’s my thoughts - there has to be a better property on the market in Limerick in your price range, it needs a lot of work, is exposed, is going to be brass monkeys in the winter. You may want to be close to the center, but there has to be some boom developments that are selling in the same region for the same price and for a much better house - this place needs too much work.

Thanks all. It does tick a number of boxes, and I think 235k is all it’s worth.

Undoubtedly needs work.