Deciphering EA Guff

We all know that region really means well below in EA sales results terminology, in some instances 30%-40% less.

So what does just under mean, is it less than region?

Why not just print the sale price, so we could stop all the second guessing, bloody timewasters. … 48038.html

There’s a few more in there, I hadn’t noticed them in past results.

Those Sales Results pages are largely useless, and that applies for all the broadsheets who print them. The only information I would derive from them is either:

a) A property has sold
b) A property was withdrawn from auction, and might have a new asking price.

That’s about it. Anything other information given doesn’t seem to be particularly reliable or useful. This episode comes to mind. Strangely I recall that stats derived from the IT Sales Results page were recently being used to justify an up-turn in the market.

My next door neighbour bought his place for 525k, it was featured in the IT property supplement as having sold in the region of 550k, so that’s just under a 5% mark-up