Decision to abandon semi-state pension levy will cost

Decision to abandon semi-state pension levy will cost over €160m - Tribune

The argument that the levy can’t be applied to judges is a crock of shit, there’s legal precedent saying that it can.


You think it’s sane politics to pick a fight with the judges?

Legal judgements are extremely finely balanced things. By adding a tiny amount of leeway in interpretation to any State vs. ABC case, judges can make a very plausible case for ruling against the state on every case that comes before it.

Doesn’t it strike you as a teeny bit coincidental that the ESB, senior civil servants who are in a position to directly testify about any hypothetical (ahem) ministerial wrongdoing, the judiciary, the public transport sector and the gas men have all been given total or partial immunity to the pay cut (pension levy my hole - junior public servants have already paid for their pensions in full) while the juniors get the shaft?

As in: the people who can shut down the country plus the people who can put hypothetical lawbreaking ministers and Taoisigh in jail with their testimony are all given a “no full-steam levy” get-out while the flunkies get soaked?

Shame on any scumbag who tolerates such blatant unfairness and injustice.

This “levy” seems to be unravelling fast. It always was a load of smokes-and-daggers nonsense anyway, so maybe the collapse of this latest FF stroke and scam will force the Goobermunt to get real, stop arseing around, and do the necessary.

Then again, it’s FF, I don’t think they’re genetically capable of doing the obvious straightforward thing. It has to be devious, convoluted and backstabbing or them boyos just aren’t interested.

If the government back down on the Levy they have zero chance of forcing through what will be even more painful and contentious cuts later on.

The government has handled this whole situation in the worst possible way. It should have started heavily with taxes on the rich and by winning the public confidence by showing to be fair these spending cuts would have been much easier to implement.

Nah - they had to force through the discriminatory changes first, as in, any change that is only going to affect a particular target they’ll have to do first. The later changes will affect everyone, so they will not be as difficult to push through the PS unions.