Defence Minister will not contest election

Shouldn’t this threads title be “Defence Minister Surrenders” ?


…or The Fence Minister retires

Indefensible surely.

I know this rat’s gotta sick note but there’s a lot of them running down the gang plank right now.

(ok and this is just a gossipy anecdote but god help me I just can’t stop myself - anyway a friend has a friend who is high up in dept which deals with gov pension and friend’s friend says they are dealing with a lot of urgent querys from ministers etc asking if their pension entitlements would be affected by them leaving now and how long to they need to hold out to get the greatest amount)

I can well believe it honeysuckle.

The next minister will resign because they were diagnosed with the common cold in 1992 and on medical advice and related stress have come to an agonising conclusion…

Something about all these retirements strikes me as very childish. It reminds me of being a kid and winning some computer game only to retire straight after it to remain unbeaten.

And Michael finneran, close ally of the teashop and junior minister was on the news at one on radio 1 announcing his decision not to run in the next election. On my I-touch so can’t link.
They were saying that only 3/4 of the current ff Tds will be around for the next election between retirements, deaths and defections - as things stand. I fully expect more rodentine disembarkations in the next few weeks

If he is trying to link this to his resignation, then why didn’t he resign in 2008 ?

Here’s a link confirming Finneran is not to run.

by extension a traitor to his country

‘rodentine disembarkations’ - phase of the year :laughing:

That’s three today.
Dublin North East Fianna Fail TD Michael Woods has said he will not contest the next general election. … ing63.html

Has that [fellow] been made a Papal knight yet for services to the Vatican?