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Let the games begin…

Surely she means with rents set at market rate.

Anyway, when does the bank get the right to sell the house they have re-possessed and are in the meantime renting out? When the market has got back to an equilibrium of the traditional 2.5 times salary of the principal earner?

Defend your home by all means it is an honourable intention. But rest assured I will defend my wallet from the likes of you. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.

The Irish Homeowners Unite have a FaceBook page.

Two beautiful bits of unintentional parody - or paddory or it shall be now know: … 2045077179

So the people involved are actually using the abbreviation - DOHL!!! Muppets.

And Emer is pissed at Allsops because? They’re selling houses for “less than they’re worth”?

I think they mean if you’re an Irish citizen, don’t forget to LEND US your support. (And as per our previous loans, we probably won’t pay you back because we’re worth it.) And if you do forget, we’ll lobby for some laws to make sure that you’ll lend us your support anyway! DOHL!

Defend Our Home League, not Defend Our Home Movement, Defend Our Home Campaign etc.
They seem to think they are following in Davitt’s footsteps?

The more I read about what’s happening in our fucked up little ex-nation, the more likely I am to take my little house deposit and invest it elsewhere.

I can’t stomach this shit much longer

The feckin’ English!!!

The feckin’ English!!!


the shame of it, evicted from an auction.
she’ll really be mad when they get evicted from “their” houses. :-GC

Evicted from an auction, Gahhhhhh! :frowning:

I suppose Emer herself might be there roaring at Allsops on the day and an eviction may occur from the auction as a consequence.

Ahh the good old United Left Alliance, what genius, what intellect, what lovely people…

I can see it now - as they’re standing on the path outside the Shelbourne protesting, Lot 65 comes up one of the protesters momentarily loses their bearings and sticks in a cheeky bid. Mr. Murphy’s silky tones: “We have an opening bid from the picket outside…”

If I was evicted from the house I lived in (admittedly mortgaged to a bank to which I could not pay mortgage on) I would be pissed to see it in the Allsops debacle - with no internal photos etc.
Especially if as borrower I was going to get held accountable for the shortfall on the loan.
And double especially if the bank hadn’t let me sell it myself for a higher amount.

I think there are circumstances in which picketing an auction is justified.

Even if those protesters don’t have the reasons I outline, I’m still looking forward to the protest at the auction. It will add to the spectacle of the whole thing. These are still evil banks selling their assets.

Are there formerly owner-occupied houses in the Allsops sales, with evicted owners out on the streets?

I thought it was a mix of people trying to sell themselves and (mainly) buy to let properties that were under the hammer

Well I’m kind of pissed that I haven’t been able to afford a house for the last seven years, because I was inflexible with myself, and refused to take a mortgage which I could not pay. So… tough. These people do not own their houses, they are merely enjoying the benefit of them, until they have paid their mortgage.

After 10 years of self-serving, selfish, me-first behaviour, we can’t really expect anything less from these DOHL(T)s

It could be argued they were missold a financial product. Would you have that response to everyone who has been missold a financial product?

That they should have a different avenue to those who weren’t missold one?

Still, the builder chappie I know (plumber) who spent every penny that came in on jeeps and holidays, designer and electronic bling and beer will be delighted. He stiffed the revenue (paying last years taxes out of this years income), remortgaged his PPR to buy a few holiday investments and is now up to his oxters. It’s a nice house he’s in, so I’m sure he’ll be delighted to keep it.