Déjà vu?

Some Background Informtaion:

The following posts made in various threads back in late 2008 are from the same user (deepthroat).

They have been edited into one singular post for posterity. Some may feel of these cryptically predicted events many have now seemingly come to pass with some yet to unfold. The original user in very dramatic fashion after making these posts requested them to be removed. This is not usually facilitated unless there is a breaking of forum policy. However we obliged in this case. Then to our astonishment they returned to clarify certian points after vowing never to post again. How odd.

So it is my judgment alone I believe considering the last few months and recent event of the last few weeks that this information should not be missing from the record as it is of public interest. My personal opinion is what were apparently disconnected posts are now most prescient in light of recent events. Some feared it was an attempt reputation of the pin. Some felt it was nothing but a mere troll. Initially I didn’t follow it all that much until after the events when posters started to get excited for various reasons.

**In future if users feel they have information or the “next missive” that they would like to communicate to a larger audience there is nothing simpler than sending myself a PM. Reveal by proxy.

I confess I have no idea what youre on about…

The Juan Antonio Roca ‘clue’ indicates a money laundering angle… thats about as far as I can get…

The above are quotes from a poster - “deepthroat” - who posted some portentous warnings. See: … ient=opera

Hah. :unamused:

Spit it out man if that’s the case, the only thing you can garner from deepthroat’s tea leaf reading is he was demonstrably wrong thus far about an Irish Bank being allowed to fail, Anglo being taken in hand basically makes a mockery of his Plan A suggestion.

Nowhere did he mention that the nationalisation of Anglo would be the machiavellian move to beat all machiavellis, so what he says is pure bunk in my opinion and we do ourselves a disservice to pay any attention.


I have to say this article in today’s IT got me thinking, even before I read this post:

irishtimes.com/newspaper/bre … king19.htm

The Flight of the Cannies 2009.

The blood must have drained from the face of a few very rich corrupt bastards when they saw us on TV. Not quite on the button but way too close for comfort.

BTW. FG and many others are reading the pin and are members.
I have noticed a number of statements by FG about stuff I have been saying on the Pin about correcting the political environment in this country.


Yes. You’re right I got ahead of myself. FG are a smart bunch and they have all the ideas. Sure they saw all this coming and capitilised on it. Silly me.

That, to me, is the point of the Pin though - isn’t it? People get to say what they really feel without being tied to their corporate/party line, and others get to be educated in plain speak and the facts as they are.

The information* is dispersed out there, it just needs a place like this to corral it together and put a little context to it.

Share the knowledge and learn from others. Educate ourselves and raise our ambitions. Give the next generation a better place to inherit.

*Whether it’s house prices, Geo-politics, National/local politics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, books, films, etc.



Exactly… I is a learnin’ 8DD

I was all for the consipracy theory but for it to work in this scenario it would want to be huge. Something so big to be worth sacrificing the nation to cover up would have to involve so many people that it would never stay secret for long. Im thinkin its just incompetent politicians relying on bad advice. Really bad advice.

Bertie would be the exception to that theory no? The sums where paltry, well the ones we knew about …


Oh wait!

I always highly suspicious of conspiracy theories. It’s comforting to think we actually have a bunch of highly intelligent, knowledgeable and motivated individuals running the government who just happen to be extremely evil. They plot and scheme and manipulate all events to further their own agendas, everything that happens was by their doing.

I think the reality is you have a lot of individually corrupt and incompetent idiots. When the country is doing “well” of course people don’t care how much the lads at the top are creaming off for themselves nor do they care how competent they are since everything seems to be going well. This is all made worse by the Irish people generally having low expectations of elected officials and really only caring so long ad they get their own favour or slice of the pie.

Most non-insider people with the type of experience the OP displayed are already lurking or posting the Pin already …

Is then a logical step to say he/she is an insider, or is it just mad speculation ?

I still view this as a piss-take, though I told the All Seeing Eye that I’d respond :wink: . All the OP has done is assemble various facts and rumours that already existed in the public domain and weave them together. Of all his posts, above paragraph might be viewed as being accurate in the context of Anglo, but I’ll attempt to break it apart.

So the poster suggests that this all-powerful group didn’t have the Financial Regulator in their pocket? That’s a bit of an oversight. The truth is that the Financial Regulator had discovered the Fitz loans in Jan 08. It was either a cover-up or incompetence by the Regulator that stopped this from coming to light earlier. If the Regulator covered this up as part of their Masterplan, this would mean the Regulator was in their pocket and this *secret group *should have nothing to fear.

I suspect the Regulator did sit on this information partially because it showed their incompetence over 7years and the damage it would do to the fragile banking system.

I bet they have a magic orb. This is all a bit Jim Corr. This all powerful group should stoke a bit of inflation - that might help :unamused:

Aside from the timeline being out, there were many people speculating that some Irish banks would fail. Anglo was the most probable due to the nature of its book. Reference to a scapegoat is neither here nor there. If something big fails, there’s nearly always a scapegoat. The vague reference would also allow Neary to fit the bill.

There certainly was inappropriate behaviour. Fingleton needs to be investigated. It’s difficult to see his favour not being returned by some means. You can be sure more loans to “friends” have been unearthed on Anglo’s books. This is good old fashioned Irish crony corruption (not some superplan). Once the extent of this crap was uncovered, nationalisation was the only outcome. It is more than likely that stipulations put forward by the auditors caused the timing.

If I was one of these James Bond villains, I would have privatised the bank. Let’s face it, it’s the best way to keep things quiet. Even if this all powerful group was short the couple of hundred million, Anglo would have lent it to them :laughing: . Surely these Machiavellian creatures could have secured adequate government guarantees to protect their investment.

This isn’t atypical when a bank gets nationalised. I still don’t know who Northern Rock’s customers were. It is true that Fianna Fail (and others) aren’t to be trusted, especially where Developers are involved. But this is their good old fashioned corruption rather than some elaborate conspiracy. For the OPs theory to hold together, then Richard Bruton or Loan Burton would need to be in on it. That’s just daft. It would be much more secure to have bought the bank through a private equity group.

though there is a rumour doing the rounds, that this group pushed Bertie down the stairs…spooky 8DD

Who said it was a conspiracy theory?
Never doubt the depths with we can be dragged to with good old fashioned corruption.
They say home grown is the best and sure hasn’t that been the bread and butter of this entire forum to date?

I view the posts not without the crux of the pedants impatience.
Yes the poster changed with each post.
Yet they acknowledged this.

Perhaps they where only getting bits, drips and drabs. Perhaps they where so shocked at the veracity of what was happening perhaps never coming into contact with such dealings (which I doubt would shock the average user here) they felt a new to express their experience. Perhaps they could have delivered it in a different way. Perhpas.

In the end you cannot ignore how things unfold despite our needs for familiarity or recognisance.

I reckon if you don’t have the luxury of 2 years watching from the sidelines of the pin might be more shocked at such shenanigans than your average pinster. Think about how the average person in the street feels as they try and see through the fog of bad news. What light to guide them?

I really wouldn’t get hung up on the literal details sure if you remember the poster came back and said explicitly that not everything had happened as predicted. I wouldn’t expect it to be any different. Things change fast. Today is no exception.

My brain hurts when I read Deep Throats posts. The writing is familiar, or the language is, or the style is.