Déjà vu?


This is what I have an issue with.

If this person was genuine, and knew that such an injustice was being perpetrated against the Irish people; then why wouldn’t they blow the whistle on this?



And they start with the opener that the Irish people deserve to hear the truth and then spends fucking every sentence running around any semblance of a clear statement. His only clear statement is demonstrably wrong for me…

Attention seeking rubbish…


One of the odd things that, I suppose the word is resonates, with me about these posts; is when I think about the timing of certain events.

  • The Initial Bank Guarantee ( the day before Anglo’s Annual report ).
  • The ‘Emergency Budget’, ( why, just why, when so little was actually done ? )
  • The obviously controversial Medical Card plan ?
  • The ‘run’ on Anglo, just before the Nationalisation.

I’m all for not “ascribing to malice, that, which is adequately explained by incompetence”, but at what point does Occam’s razor kick in & you’re trying to avoid the inevitable conclusion that someone is fiddling the books, or working to a different agenda ?


The theing that stands out to me is the sign off “It’s time to regulate”
If there is any credence to the posts , that would seem like an attempt to claim to be part of the regulatory body


Or he’s a fucking Warren G fan with an acute sense of irony, honestly y’all chains are easy to yank… :unamused:


i don’t think they’re smart enough, or is that what they want us to believe?

maybe we’re not really broke but that this whole Anglo thing is just a Trojan horse to buy out Britain. aha! revenge for 800 years etc…

no, they’re not in control. if they were truely canny they would have ensured they lost the last election. there is no doubt they pretend to be in control but as DaltonR said they’re just like lab rats wacking buttons hoping one will release the cheese.

there is no doubt that cover ups are been attempted to the detriment of the state.

one thing i noticed about the Anglo Irish shareholder egm was the age profile. a lot of grey heads. i don’t mean to generalise but i was watching a similar meeting of Fortis on Belgium TV last Aug and sparks were flying. all that was missing was riot police. the anglo shareholders looked bet down.

people know there’s something wrong with the picture, they’re sniffing the air. we need a break. i have a feeling we’ll get one soon. but the problem with scapegoats is that they might have more ammo then is realised.


The aspens continue to turn. Read Morgan Kelly’s article today for some hints. Deep Throat was not a troll, IMO.


Has anyone asked the question of what DT was doing in posting his comments on the pin?
What would be achieved in doing this? Apart from getting the attention of a few posters its not going to achieve much … IMO

Think about it… if you were privy to all this info… would you not feed it directly to a journalist if you wanted it to be mainstream? Leaking it on a web forum (no matter how good the Pin is) won’t achieve much.

To me it seems like a bit of a wind up… maybe someone who knows someone and has heard stuff and has decided to stick the rumours on the net… but IMO it was either a ploy to make the Pin look silly with conspiracy theories floating about … or someone pontificating in public and managed to get the attention of a few posters.

Some times it pays to be weary of what appeals to you.


Without any thoughts of conspiracy theories have a quick think about the bumbling and incompetence before the last election. FF were doing a very good job of just about losing the election until Brian decided to win it. Since then he and his cronies have come to resemble DaltonR’s lab rats. I don’t beleive that there is a great conspiracy because the majority of characters who would appear to be involved are too greedy and selfserving to engage in a complicated operation like this without pulling it down aroundtheir ears in a vain attempt to grab some more for themselves.
I do believe that there are many small conspiracies however covering much of the ground alluded to already but in a peicemeal and only occasionally connected way. Think of a director of a bank, a few property developers, a politican or two and a few connected legal / regulatory / planning personel involved in a few canny developments bending a few rules. Multiply by 50 and you have what looks like a great conspiracy as all the main players are independently involved in multiple deals but it’s not. Its merely corruption on a massive and distributed level.


I tend to agree with you - it is not a coup d’etat that we are dealing with, but rather a scheme to enrich at the expense of the state using the incompetencies and inefficiencies that are in place. A conspiracy of opportunity rather than of design.


We need Bill Buchanan & Chloe to sort this shit out.


Going to quote mr_anderson from another thread here.

Our bankers were not only investing the banks into the debt-fuelled property splurge, but themselves too.

Sean Fitzpatrick was snapping up shares in Anglo right up until late last year. I’m not sure what the insider buying was like in Bank of Ireland, but the AIB directors were all busy, loading up on the way down. These clowns didn’t have a clue about what was going on around them, despite having the knowledge at their fingertips.

I don’t see a conspiracy theory, only gross incompetence and negligence.


lads, this is pretty silly, discussing whether or not ‘deep throat’ was real or not. There was nothing at all prophetic about his postings, it was just rhetoric and vague ‘predictions’ about what might happen (none of which has actually come true)


Are you actually deepthroat?!? :smiling_imp:



When Lenihan was talking about the fact that he couldn’t reveal who owed who what in anglo because of confidentiality this was what sprung to mind.

If Anglo had gone in to receivership or bankruptcy then the whole lot would have come out.
In terms of conspiracy the conspiracy is simple it is not an attempt to take over the state, it is a conspiracy to allow key people protect their assetts and transfer any liabilities to the state irespective of the cost to the country. Pure greed masquerading as the national interest. When Lenihan talks of the national interest he is talking of his mates.

The real issue here is whether private capital which effectively should be forfeit because of Anglo’s failures is being protected by the state for the benefit of the individuals concerned.

Morgan Kelly’s article which intimated what had previously been posted here that the dep of finance had opposed rescuing anglo is the crux of the matter.

The unofficial official line is that Quinn group were so imbedded with anglo that for Anglo to fail Quinn Group would, leading to devestation in the Irish insurance industry.

So who else other than the Quinn group benefited? Is the Quinn group actually a smokescreen for a large number of politicians who had beneficial interests in the property bubble through shell companies?

The tribunals were dragged out and the CAB seemed to have been making progress.
I believe the mess is to big to be hidden much longer. So let’s have anyone who knows whats going on to start squealing to the press.

As for an election, No TD will want an election at a time of such economic uncertainty for personal economic reasons.

the greens… they are the mushrooms of the cabinet.

So involved in their personal self importance they have gone seriously awry and have lost much of the party. Expect Trevor to emerge as the new leader and Eamon and Gormley to lose their seats. Many of the green party faithful who worked to get the greens to a point of electability and to cabinet feel shafted and that their leaders have had their heads turned by some carpetbaggers attracted by the greens new found status.


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