Déjà vu?


I read these posts every so often, especially Deepthroats own postings, and I think with everything I hear these days it has become more and more clear that what we have is the genuine article. I read the first posts again and the hair is standing up on the back of my neck.

And I HATED the X files
LHO shot Kennedy
There is no Hy Brazil
And getting the figs into the fig rolls aint that big a deal


Gotta agree-efforts should be made to keep this thread live-Hopefully coax him or her out into the light of day. Screw Official Secrets Act. In these circumstances patriotism means going public.


Correct. If by any chance the OP is still lurking, may I mention Clive Ponting? If you pm me I can maybe help - I believe you.


In fairness to Deepthroat it is worth bearing in mind that some people do not wish to be the “whistleblower” to the press or anyone else for that matter hence the vague predictions. He may not have wished to comprimise his job for the sake of whistleblowing. It’s also possible thats he’s a civil servant of some capacity signed up to the official secrets act that we all have to sign when we start.

I myself have been privvy to certain issues that have massivley blown up in the press some 6 months or so after I’ve known about them and have alluded to some of them vaguely on this forum long before they broke, but I wouldnt dream of blowing the whistle and comprimising my job / position / being indentified by giving specific facts etc.

I suspect Deepthroat may be of the same ilk


Hi im doing a lot of digging on this topic, cant get above to work can anyone fix it


this has me intrigued now whereas i was more dismissive before. i feel the answer is right in front of me.
large pension funds sunk into property with no hope of any comeback unless a plastering job is done by EU bailout.
when i first moved to dublin i was amazed by how much property one particular profession had acquired.


All the original post bits were dug up from the cache before they disappeared from it - they are contained in the first post in this thread.


I assembled most of Deepthroat’s stuff over here back in December:

gavinsblog.com/2008/12/23/de … n-ireland/


I’m glad you’re not running Google ads on your blog!

Jesus, I can only imagine what “exotic” matches you’d have for a post entitled: “Deepthroat in Ireland”!


Haha, I had a few odd searches after I posted it alright!



Well done in assembling this post

It certainly looks as if the jumper is now almost fully unravelled - endgame almost in sight

Bill Shankly - YNWA


Its also at the start of this thread if you look at the first page :nin


Oop’s OW

Apologies for leaving you out of the congratulations

Go straight to the top of the class and sit beside Gavinsblog!!



Thanks for that all of ye, I think im getting close on a few things cant say nothing yet, on the other hand I feel like im in the film “a beautiful mind” its hard to know where the truth starts and lies end :open_mouth:


Cheeky monkey… anyway, we are all in this together, to copy our leader…


Hi Gavin your blog is very good, keep it up, also see this: very useful for digging…


Shucks. Who do you think assembled that list? lol


Oh!! Thats funny, didnt notice that, good work anyhow whatever guise its in lol… :wink:


Lol no worries. I started assembling that list in 2005. I am also in the process of ripping it all onto video sharing websites.


With the deepthroat posts, I feel
(a) the writing style is very familar, but cant put my finger on it
(b) I think all the proof is there it just needs to be joined and decoded
© having known 3 people who were whistleblowers, they came out badly every one of them, so I understand the method
(d) the dates 2002, 2004, 2005 are crucial as regard certain events, cant say yet about 2005…
(e) the capital expenditures program is part of the overall picture
(f) the uk gatekeepers, not tinfoil hat zone, look at recent dail records on this