Déjà vu?


'T = tres spooky given whats been going on lately. . .


Original: I am sick to the pit of my stomach to see what has played out in the media and I cannot bear it any more. The Irish public deserves better and needs to know the whole truth. I have access to several people in the dail and these are the rumours that are cirulating in the small tight circle of powerful people who really know what has been happening the last few weeks: - The events of the last few weeks are nothing compared to what has gone behind closed doors and is only known to the few people that attended top level meetings when the Irish banking system nearly hit the wall a few weeks ago. A financial scandal involving several household names was barely kept away from the public as a result of the panic in the stock market and has since been swept under the carpet. There are many individuals who would end up destroyed if the real story ever gets told. Unfortunately for them, the measures introduced did not stop the shitstorm that is coming. The truth can only be contained for a short while, even as I write a desperate cover up is under way to limit the damage that will be done to the Irish establishment once the journos get their heads around the truth (as one individual almost has). Timeline: 3-6 months. - Mary Harney and the Green Party are now being repositioned by spin doctors as the fall guys for some of the crap that is coming. Expect Harney to resign and the government to collapse as FF blames everybody but themselves. Timeline: 6 months - 1 year. - A new government will be formed with FG/Labour and SF. A significant proportion of people in the highest ranks of Irish society will have their careers ended. The truth is out there.

Post 2) Think of what I am referring to as property Ansbacher, but with land-banks owned by shell companies. The collapse of the Irish banking system made a few individuals very scared, and scared people loosen their tongues. Our so-called political class is up to their armpits in this crap. This stuff has risen to the surface only accidentally in the last few years (for instance, CAB has been chasing corporate phantoms owned by other corporate phantoms). As for FG and SF not getting into bed together, I have it on good authority that neither would like to face the electorate and will swallow hard and get on with the business of government. Times have changed out there. Expect surprises.

Post 3) he world has changed. FF are not the only party with their fingers in the sweety jar. This cuts right across all political divides. Six months ago, nobody would have predicted what has happened to the Irish economy. Perhaps in about six months from now, the unthinkable will happen. Ask yourself these questions - - Why have the Irish banks been bailed out and yet no senior banking figures been axed, unlike nearly every other country in Europe in similar circumstances? - Why did the Financial Regulator not clamp down on irresponsible bank lending to developers? - Why are the full banking liabilities kept secret? - Why were Section 23 tax breaks continued even when those in the ‘know’ saw that the bubble was bursting? Look to Mr.Juan Antonio Roca of Marbella, as an example. Look to Argentina. Where is our Elisa Carrió? There is an elephant is the living room. Watch this space. Carefully.

Post 4) Clues. I cannot name names, even hint at names (sorry E). But I will tell you how it works. Spin doctors are cynical depraved individuals and will use anything to create and manipulate the public sentiment. Just like a stage magician will be flourishing his hand with a handkerchief, while the other hand is actually up to something devious while you are not watching. Always watch the hand they do not want you to look at. For instance. It seems politically strange and naive to attack pensioners and remove their medical cards, when all you are saving is €100 million. There are easier ways to save this money without arousing such hostility. However, this does two things. It will fill the airwaves with shouting and complaining (possibly justified) about ‘the poor old people’ for weeks and diverts attention away from ‘the other hand’, the one they do not want you to see. Another prediction - the pensioners will get to keep their medical cards (mostly) whilst at the same time isolating Mary Harney for a future fall when it is politically expedient. While the media obsesses about medical cards, the banking scheme was released, the terrible truth covered up for another little while and the FF head honchos disappear conveniently off the Irish stage to Brussels. The plan all along was to arouse public hostility as a smoke screen. The medical card fiasco is a huge red herring. In the coming weeks and months, keep watching the hand the magician does not want you to notice. To quote someone we know, it is all ‘smokes and daggers’.

Post 5) 17 oct 08 I am just saying what I hear. You are entitled to your opinion. Things have changed fast since I last posted – (link) It seems that those with something to lose are getting nervous. The announcement that the financial regulator will be examining the banks debts has meant that time is even more limited than I speculated earlier for the massive cover up at the center of the Celtic Tiger to be exposed. The book keepers in the UK and elsewhere are planning to pull the plug if this is not contained. This means using the nuclear option. In the next few weeks an Irish bank will be allowed to fail and a major public figure will be the scape goat. The banks liabilities will be conveniently absorbed by the government without having to disclose who owed what. This seems to be Plan A. But, just in case, Harney, the Greens and even FF are now exposed to the wrath of the Irish public, the smoke screen of the medical cards was nearly too successful. A useful sideshow. But it has caused deep instability within the government (as it was intended to do) because those behind the scenes with everything to lose are considering relinquishing power in order to save their own skins from the storm that is coming. This seems to be Plan B. In 2002 and 2005 this scandal was contained, in different and vicious ways. It may not be so easy to cover it up now. The government may fall on its own sword to save the people with real power. Look for the patterns in the Capital Expenditure Program. Expect Chinese money to be used creatively. There may also be an announcement from the EU on something unexpected. Sir Alan Walters may have been right and if so, this cover up will lead us into Argentinian territory. This may be the unintended Plan C, accompanied by a new Flight of the Earls, except this time the Earls are more crooks than nobles. The game is nearly up.

20 Oct 08 A conspiracy theorist might suggest that the weaker banks have pulled a stroke over the bigger ones - AIB and Bank of Ireland - using the Department of Finance in the process. Surely not? Could this happen in our clear-thinking country? Could our Department of Finance favour one bank over another? Never! sbpost.ie/post/pages/p/story … qqqx=1.asp One for the sceptics. I won’t be able to post again.

Keywords: i am sick [to] [the] pit of my stomach [to] see [what] has played out in [the] media [and] i cannot bear [it] any [more] [the] irish public deserves better [and] needs [to] know [the] whole truth i have access [to] several people in [the] dail [and] [these] [are] [the] rumours that [are] cirulating in [the] small tight circle of powerful people [who] really know [what] has been happening [the] last few weeks - [the] events of [the] last few weeks [are] nothing compared [to] [what] has gone behind closed doors [and] [is] only known [to] [the] few people that attended top level meetings [when] [the] irish banking system nearly hit [the] wall [a] few weeks ago [a] financial scandal involving several household names [was] barely kept away from [the] public [as] [a] result of [the] panic in [the] stock market [and] has since been swept under [the] carpet there [are] [many] individuals [who] would end up destroyed [if] [the] real story ever gets told unfortunately for them [the] measures introduced did [not] stop [the] shitstorm that [is] coming [the] truth can only [be] contained for [a] short while even [as] i write [a] desperate cover up [is] under way [to] limit [the] damage that will [be] done [to] [the] irish establishment once [the] journos get their heads [around] [the] truth [as] one individual almost has timeline 3-6 months - mary harney [and] [the] green party [are] now being repositioned by spin doctors [as] [the] fall guys for some of [the] crap that [is] coming expect harney [to] resign [and] [the] government [to] collapse [as] ff blames everybody but themselves timeline 6 months 1 year - [a] new government will [be] formed [with] fg/labour [and] sf [a] significant proportion of people in [the] highest ranks of irish society will have their careers ended [the] truth [is] out there post 2 think of [what] i am referring [to] [as] property ansbacher but [with] land-banks owned by shell companies [the] collapse of [the] irish banking system made [a] few individuals very scared [and] scared people loosen their tongues our so-called political class [is] up [to] their armpits in this crap this stuff has risen [to] [the] surface only accidentally in [the] last few years for instance cab has been chasing corporate phantoms owned by other corporate phantoms [as] for fg [and] sf [not] getting into bed together i have [it] on good authority that neither would like [to] face [the] electorate [and] will swallow hard [and] get on [with] [the] business of government times have changed out there expect surprises post 3 he world has changed ff [are] [not] [the] only party [with] their fingers in [the] sweety jar this cuts right across all political divides six months ago nobody would have predicted [what] has happened [to] [the] irish economy perhaps in about six months from now [the] unthinkable will happen ask yourself [these] questions - - why have [the] irish banks been bailed out [and] yet no senior banking figures been axed unlike nearly every other country in europe in similar circumstances - why did [the] financial regulator [not] clamp down on irresponsible bank lending [to] developers - why [are] [the] full banking liabilities kept secret - why were section 23 tax breaks continued even [when] those in [the] know saw that [the] bubble [was] bursting look [to] mrjuan antonio roca of marbella [as] an example look [to] argentina [where] [is] our elisa carrió there [is] an elephant [is] [the] living room watch this space carefully post 4 clues i cannot name names even hint [at] names sorry e but i will tell you how [it] works spin doctors [are] cynical depraved individuals [and] will use anything [to] create [and] manipulate [the] public sentiment just like [a] stage magician will [be] flourishing his hand [with] [a] handkerchief while [the] other hand [is] actually up [to] something devious while you [are] [not] watching always watch [the] hand they do [not] want you [to] look [at] for instance [it] seems politically strange [and] naive [to] attack pensioners [and] remove their medical cards [when] all you [are] saving [is] €100 million there [are] easier ways [to] save this money without arousing such hostility however this does two things [it] will fill [the] airwaves [with] shouting [and] complaining possibly justified about [the] poor old people for weeks [and] diverts attention away from [the] other hand [the] one they do [not] want you [to] see another prediction [the] pensioners will get [to] keep their medical cards mostly whilst [at] [the] same time isolating mary harney for [a] future fall [when] [it] [is] politically expedient while [the] media obsesses about medical cards [the] banking scheme [was] released [the] terrible truth covered up for another little while [and] [the] ff head honchos disappear conveniently off [the] irish stage [to] brussels [the] plan all along [was] [to] arouse public hostility [as] [a] smoke screen [the] medical card fiasco [is] [a] huge red herring in [the] coming weeks [and] months keep watching [the] hand [the] magician does [not] want you [to] notice [to] quote someone [we] know [it] [is] all smokes [and] daggers post 5 17 oct 08 i am just saying [what] i hear you [are] entitled [to] [your] opinion things have changed fast since i last posted – link [it] seems that those [with] something [to] lose [are] getting nervous [the] announcement that [the] financial regulator will [be] examining [the] banks debts has meant that time [is] even [more] limited than i speculated earlier for [the] massive cover up [at] [the] center of [the] celtic tiger [to] [be] exposed [the] book keepers in [the] uk [and] elsewhere [are] planning [to] pull [the] plug [if] this [is] [not] contained this means using [the] nuclear option in [the] next few weeks an irish bank will [be] allowed [to] fail [and] [a] major public figure will [be] [the] scape goat [the] banks liabilities will [be] conveniently absorbed by [the] government without having [to] disclose [who] owed [what] this seems [to] [be] plan [a] but just in case harney [the] greens [and] even ff [are] now exposed [to] [the] wrath of [the] irish public [the] smoke screen of [the] medical cards [was] nearly too successful [a] useful sideshow but [it] has caused deep instability within [the] government [as] [it] [was] intended [to] do because those behind [the] scenes [with] everything [to] lose [are] considering relinquishing power in order [to] save their own skins from [the] storm that [is] coming this seems [to] [be] plan b in 2002 [and] 2005 this scandal [was] contained in different [and] vicious ways [it] may [not] [be] so easy [to] cover [it] up now [the] government may fall on its own sword [to] save [the] people [with] real power look for [the] patterns in [the] capital expenditure program expect chinese money [to] [be] used creatively there may also [be] an announcement from [the] eu on something unexpected sir alan walters may have been right [and] [if] so this cover up will lead us into argentinian territory this may [be] [the] unintended plan c accompanied by [a] new flight of [the] earls except this time [the] earls [are] [more] crooks than nobles [the] game [is] nearly up 20 oct 08 [a] conspiracy theorist might suggest that [the] weaker banks have pulled [a] stroke over [the] bigger ones aib [and] bank of ireland using [the] department of finance in [the] process surely [not] could this happen in our clear-thinking country could our department of finance favour one bank over another never http//wwwsbpostie/post/pages/p/storyaspx-qqqtdavidmcwilliams-qqqscommentandanalysis-qqqid36811-qqqx1asp one for [the] sceptics i will [not] [be] able [to] post again
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Deepthroat also has an American background of some sort. Check the spelling of the word “center/centre” in his text above. It is very unusual for people in Ireland or the UK to spell centre as he has spelt it above.


I don’t quite follow you. Can you elaborate?


Please refrain from speculation on the identity of Deep Throat. Ireland has a poor history when it comes to whistle-blowers…


Spellchecker set to US.


This is so absolutely true and deserves some elaboration at this point, especially since I’ve read within the postings here claims as to why the Deepthroat would not come forward.

Why to come forward?

  1. Probably comes down to a need to clear ones consciousness of some feeling.
  2. A possible need to make some money or gain some personal status or wealth
  3. Other achieveables

Why not to come forward?

  1. Rounded upon by the masses who are in the general command of the elite leadership and their spin doctors.
  2. Cut off all future hope of career advancement for at least 5 years.
  3. Receive abuse on an ongoing basis from many of your colleagues for jeopardising their career advancement due to your releasing of sensitive information.
  4. Threats to yourself and your family
  5. Legal action foisted upon you and then upheld by courts who are already in so many instances demonstrably in the hand of the elites.

Generally you’ve got to be both brave, foolhardy, daring, wreckless, intelligent, a little bit stupid, normal and special all at once to blow a whistle on any corrupt system anywhere.
Especially in Ireland.
The culture is all about the status quo here in this country.
It’s very dangerous for anyone to tackle it, even with evidence and genuine public good at heart.


Ok the big idea that is coming quickly into my mind on the lot of this is that the NPRF may have been very heavily invested in property itself?

Is this part of the story I wonder?

Then the best cover up of all of course is to effectively bail out the banks, under the cover of capitalization/nationalization/any crony scheme name you want to call it, and then claim later when it all gets washed away that of course the banks are vital to our national interest.

It’s really amazing how much shite that people will tolerate if it’s spun to them successfully.

They really do want to believe in shite.


A go on, give us a wave DT.

I said before that everything you need to know is out in the open. These boys were so brazen they didn’t even bother to cover their tracks.


I was going to post that pic but I couldn’t find it anywhere !

DDP and the Army of the Dead/Oompa Loompas


Totally OT, but you have to admire DDP’s professionalism in being able to give a report surrounded by the army of the undead.


Toward the end of the report, there was an old guy with glasses, in between the bearded one and the dead guy, seemed to be smiling happily :mrgreen: 8DD XD




“This is like deja vu all over again.”


I imagine that it had some property exposure, but in line with a traditional asset allocation strategy. From my personal experience, the NTMA is one branch of the public service that is actually well run.

The irony now is that because of the bank bailout-recapitalisation, the NPRF has substantially increased its exposure to property.


God almighty, people this is / was demonstrably wrong!!! Can you all please stop with radio waves and tinfoil hats and stop worshipping this horseshit…

If people start saying Sean Fitzpatrick / Neary, etc., then they need to look up the definition of a scapegoat! :unamused:



I don’t think thepropertypin Deepthroat falls into the category of “whistleblower”.He hasn’t revealed anything, he just dropped hints about what was going on. The original “DeepThroat” put his neck on the line and was prepared to pay the consequences for his actions.


“As for FG and SF not getting into bed together, I have it on good authority that neither would like to face the electorate and will swallow hard and get on with the business of government”

independent.ie/opinion/lette … 57820.html

For a guy who many state here is a spoofer, he seems to be getting a lot of things right, FG were testing the waters for whatever reason…


Not sure whether OP is a spoofmeister or not but he does raise some definitive points, namely how futile it is to think that hardball is ever going to played against financial institutions by politicians. And not just for the obvious reasons. If like me you believe that Ireland Inc is a sewer of corruption you have to look at who has the best forensics on the transactions that keep the various cosy cartels cosy. The various bank headquarters? See what happened to Clowen recently in a different context after judicious inquiries about a property transaction in England led to the sky nearly falling in. And then nothing.
After the decade we’ve just had, the mind boggles at how fertile the bank records of Dail members would be for any nosy bank exec trying to hang onto his golden handshake. Ultimately, who has who over a barrel? Don’t work in banking so am open to being told I’ve got it wrong with regard to who gets access to bank records but something has to explain the irrationality of what’s gone down in this country over the last few months.


I see a thread has appeared on politics.ie concerning Deepthroat. I wonder what happened him?

politics.ie/economy/90372-po … forum.html