Déjà vu?


Im doing a lot of work on this, either deepthroat was guessing (and im my opinion he is on the money) or he knew a lot of stuff, there are so many parts to it, for example i spent ages trying to work out the reference to “chinese money” and i figured it out (weirdly enough in a book about corruption in Italy) he is referring here to Chinese boxes: this was a common tactic along with shell companies to hide corrupt money in Italy… see below for description and how it got its name

“Chinese boxes, may refer to nested ornamental boxes; this usage is frequently as a metaphor for many layers of encapsulation, similar to Matryoshka dolls or the layers of an onion”


My own thread… very flattering.

I cannot stay long and I won’t say much. The time is talk is over and the time to act is now.

The inner cabal have hatched an almost perfect plan to launch a silent coup d’état. They must be stopped. Secret negotiations have almost concluded and the next week will be one of the most important in the history of the state.

Multiple crisis will be in the media - ignore them. The real action is happening in the shadowy world of the oligarchy who run the country.

They do not care about Lisbon.
They do not care about FAS.
They do not care about your, or your family or your future.

Read chapter 1 and chapter 4 of the proposed legislation very carefully and ignore the fat man in the suit. He is not running the country anymore. The real power is now in the hands of the people behind the people who were there on the night of the bank guarantee. Ask Goldhawk.

Haud ignota loquor - everything is now in the public domain. put it together.

“Don’t imitate me;
it’s as boring
as the two halves of a melon.”

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Based on previous form, he wouldn’t have answered any questions anyway.


Well now. Same fella ?


Which thread was it posted in originally? - seems to matter, per the opening line:

quote: (My own thread… very flattering. ) unquote


what a strange name for a dog,
the exact same thing woke me from my slumber on saturday morning some dog in the street was barking mad… now I know what he was saying… Cowens isnt running the show.
Dont get me started on deepthroat … im still looking at all those pictures in the paper for the guy is trying not to smile

whistleblowers … my fucking arse… some little nurses in the UK just got outed as whistleblowers in the NHS, gone public, lost jobs and careeers… makes my fucking puke that jerks like deepthroat and nathanhale go around spouting stuff the dogs in the street know and do it all cloak and dagger like they are in a parking lot in Washington D.C.


It was posted in this thread.


NAMA Legislation Draft Paper -> finance.gov.ie/viewdoc.asp?DocID=5878

Chapter 1 Establishment, Functions and Powers
Chapter 4 NAMA’S Relationship with NTMA

Michael J. Somers -> ntma.ie/AboutUs/organisationChart.php

Somers’ NTMA tenure extended by three years - Eamon Quinn - April 13, 2008 -> tribune.ie/article/2008/apr/ … ree-years/

Somers silent on scale of banking scheme - ARTHUR BEESLEY - January 02 2009 -> irishtimes.com/newspaper/fin … 50705.html


One again, the supposed Deepthroat is telling us nothing.

If he is saying nothing chances are he knows nothing.

Hes an attention seeking fraud.


yis are never happy :unamused: :smiling_imp:


If this person really knew anything why can’t they just post it to Wikileaks.

This coded mumbo-jumbo is pointless.


MAybe peopel have does anyone look at it regularly?


:unamused: If it’s all public, then there’s no problem telling us where to look.


Well, if they must be stopped, and last week was the most important in the states history
then surely this fella might have given more than some cryptic clues. If if if, then deepthroat
is as much to blame as anyone.

Otherwise it’s just harmless fun.

haud ignota loquor - I speak not of unknown things
A latin scholar, impressive.
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur!

Deepthroat, NathanHale, who’s next? Serpico?

Oh and if anyone wants to ask “Goldhawk” I presume he meant this guy.
goldhawk@ thephoenix.ie

Ask away.


Really? I mean you really think that a conspiracy of this magnitude could be pulled off successfully by anybody in a position of power in Ireland today?

I suppose it could be vaguely comforting to think that all this mess has some sort of meaning to it; that someone had planned for it to go this way. The alternative is that those who we elect to run the country on our behalf are in fact incompetent greedy cunts who have brought the Republic to the brink of collapse.

So, if you go by the maxim that if it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck then chances are it is a bloody duck then:

Incompetent greedy cunts it is! 8DD


The current Phoenix uses REO (messers Ronan and Barrett) as an example of an insolvent company pining for NAMA.
Says deals with banking covenants being breached have all been pushed back till NAMA is passed.

As an example of how absurd NAMA will have to be to get any “value” out of some of the foreign lands, it says that with REO facing a huge loss on Battersea power station (wants to build 4,000 apts), the Irish taxpayer will have to stump up €500m euro through NAMA to pay for an extension of the Northern line into the site to get pp for these apts.
There is also no mention of the fact of the huge legacy issues associated with a brownfield site like this!

Truly bonkers when we can’t get our own investment in public transport here but not an outlandish scenario.
I’m sure there are many other examples throughout the other big developers too but keep listening out for the spin… Olympics in London etc, within M25.


Perhaps a quick reference note on how to post relatively anonymously on the Internet might help …


Howerya lads

Coincidentally, I’ve been trying to find out who was involved in drafting NAMA. I sought the Minister’s diary and it seems to be more about what’s missing than what’s in it. No meeting with Seanie or Neary (though Lenihan has said he did meet Seanie in Septembter, it’s just not in the diary that was released to me)

I have taken notable people out of the diary, placed them in a google doc, and added other important dates in red:

docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AWB2 … M&hl=en_GB

One curious thing I did not know:

PwC were asked to write the first report on Anglo on September 18. (three days after Lehman collapse and the same day Lenihan met Seanie)
PwC submitted that report to IFSRA/Gov on September 27.
Bank guarantee was announced on September 30.

In relation to Goldhawk: He says Dermot Gleeson and Richard Burrows were present that night.

Eh Gleeson is known for his Bilderberg connections? Is this what DT is getting at?


“They do not care about FAS”, i will say it again for a guy that some say is a bluffer, here we are, whats the main scandal as we speak, how about FG and SF together a few months ago, he is ahead of the cuvre on many aspects…