Déjà vu?


He was demonstrably wrong on the only actual thing he said.

Which was an Irish Bank would be allowed fail.

He is a purveyor of complete tripe.


Well thats typical from you as usual


Glad to oblige, the pleasure is all yours. :laughing:


Ah dont mind me, im dosed with a cold, im very snappy, I dont know if its true or not, i will say there are many odd similarities I personally see something in it, i can see how it could be viewed with a cynical viewpoint though, at the very least he is right about one thing: “PR people are depraved individuals” :smiley:


Well, it seems that Fasgate is rumbling on nicely - still top story on the radio, and being kept there primarily because Cowen has just announced that he agrees with the Tanaiste’s decision to review the pension arrangments of the former chief executive.

In other words, the story is developing precisely as FF want it to, on their terms, and nicely taking the attention away from NAMA (if DeepThroat’s theory is to be believed.)


Did you notice the cluster of “private meetings” around the date of the guarantee and the data of the nationalization? That’s when I’m sure the really interesting conversations were held.

Did you ask Goldhawk about who else was wandering the corridors of the Dept that night? I hear that more than one journalist was scratching their heads about exactly why some of the people were there that night. I dont think the usual suspects are the people of interest but rather some of the unusual suspects who were there that night.


I’ve had enough of riddles. Which unusual suspects were present that night?


Mr Lenihan confirmed that the ‘heads’ of BoI and AIB came to see him on the night before the guarantee on the BBC program the other night.


Yep, spit it out. Who was there?


I retain my belief that, if there is a shadowy cabal, their representative will be appointed either to a state body or to the senate. I doubt it is the bould Roddy himself. I mostly doubt it is a senator (too public). But a board member on a quango… that would allow suspicion free access to the chambers of power. Make it an enterprise/employment quango or maybe a technology one and you could be in the Dail corridors every day without an eyebrow being raised.

edit: not a bog’s notion who it might be though! :smiley:


Listen to the senior government sources and connect the dots…


If a name seems out of place in a story then the journalist put it in for a reason… A bit like the Sunday Times story about which names were not on the Golden Circle list…


I noticed that. It was a very curiously written story.


All Irish banks have “failed”, they are all bust. “Puts tin hat on” -what if they were about to let Anglo go and got wind of this thread and decided against it?
You know they read the pin - they all do -they get a lot of their info here.
My curiosity is piqued because of his reference to FAS - two weeks ago. Not only that but his “fat man in a suit” is exactly what I have been thinking for some time.

As for a specific bank? Choose one - because my money is on a bank being wound up in the near future - it’s only a matter of time.
As with a lot of criticism towards David McWillliams et al who predicted this catastrope people focussed on his timing and not what he was saying.

Lenihans diary from last year (kindly posted by Gavin) spoke volumes by the sheer fact that it contained NOTHING to indicate the seriousness of the decisions made.
All normal - nothing to see here - complete bullshit that the finance minister embarking on the biggest decision in Irish history met no one, discussed nothing and came up with NAMA? I don’t think so.



Seriously, that’s nonsense. The government have no need whatsoever to try and shift attention from NAMA. NAMA has had a huge amount of airtime and rainforests worth of column inches that have covered it in excruciating detail. Despite all that, opposition to it has been pathetic.

NAMA is a done deal and Fianna Fáil have the overall majority to pass it.


There’s no suggestion of anyone who shouldn’t have been there in that article.


Thank fuck you said that. I was getting totally lost…

The only name I can come up with is the horsey fellow. What on earth does he know about banks??? Are these the golden bollocks? M&McM? They certainly seem to have bought more than cashflow would indicate they have funds for?


timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/w … 781014.ece


NAMA will be enacted into law in mid-October. Once it’s passed, our colours are well and truly nailed to the mast of a prolonged recession.

If the Irish public deserves to know the truth, why don’t you just deliver it before we’re even more fucked? :unamused:


You Don’t have to go into long & complicated,conspiacy theories.

Good GOD!! can no one see what is right infront of there noses ?

It is simple, FF have been in power that long, they don’t give a damm what they do, they belive they are untouchabe. And by the looks of it they are, because sitting anonomusly behind your PC Screens you are changing nothing and FF and the reast are just laughing at us all.

Why would Cowen care what anyone thinks when he is going to get a nice fat 2mill+ pension. Thay are telling us there are going to be tuff times ahead in the budget, while at the same time they can’t do anything about current pensions because they can’t get agreement. So they HAVE to take the money, they don’t want to but there is “no mechanism” to refuse it - Come on I thought most of you were supossed to be intelligent.


The Times article mentions “nominee” companies used by the Anglo 10. Looking at the shifts in ownership that summer, the only change in shareholder that is big enough that I can see is Janus Capital, hardly a nominee company. Janus does not feature as a shareholder in June 2008, but does in July, with an 8% stake in Anglo. Lehman held a 4% stake.