Déjà vu?


The NAMA Bill lays out in detail the serious legal fallout for NAMA employees if they suddenly developer a conscience and become a whistle blower. Very serious sanctions. Odd that the Bill was very worried about NAMA employees keeping all the information they might uncover confidential but nary a word (apart from the standard boiler plate language regarding Revenue) about NAMA employees notifying the relevant law enforcement authorities about any shenanigans they might uncover.

Given the whole tone and tenor of the NAMA Bill if I were a NAMA employee I’d keep my mouth shut. There was some bits regarding notification of wrong doing uncovered put into the final draft of the Bill but without an effective compliance mechanism being spelled out it was just window dressing. The message is, rock the boat and we will hang you out to dry.

It seems who ever drafted the Bill did not think that it was important to uncover exactly how Anglo et al could lose 40B plus. And no one would have been in a better position to find out than a resolution trust like structure like NAMA. The Bill made it crystal clear, the purpose of NAMA is to bury the truth not uncover it.


100 employees spilling the beans. Perhaps even a walk out afterwards.

See how long the Government and said Bill would last. Legal means nothing in the face of critical revulsion.

Otherwise its our Children on the Menu.

NAMA or the Children?


I see Irish parents and their interaction with their children from time to time.
Generally it’s a poor standard of relationship. Children being generally forced to do what the parents tell them.

Based on parental attitudes in this country, my bet is on Nama winning! (unless it gets so big that it eventually wakes up the parents from their 15 year slumber in selfishness and self pity).


Is there something wrong with this?


Yes there can be, and often is, if the children are being forced to do something not in the general good of the development of the family, child or parent.

I should have been more clear in my responsive remarks, sorry about that.

An example of children being forced to do what their parents tell them that is not in their general good would be when children are told “shut-up”, “don’t be silly” and “don’t ask stupid questions” when the children are trying derive reason and direction for a way in the world.

Sounds a little too similar to how the Civil Service and their frontmen the politicians have been treating the Irish People for the last 15 years. Parents have almost made it shameful or troublesome in cases for children to ask questions. Year, Irish parents are brilliant! :angry:


This is a pretty good piece of work on the Golden circle.



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Given some of the events of the Banking Enquiry of the past few weeks, I thought I’d resurrect this thread for those that weren’t on the Pin then or didn’t live through the unrelenting ferment and the hive of conspiracies.
There’s a lot of good stuff within the ten pages, even if some of it has been overtaken by events in the past 6 years.
Are we any nearer to a real unravelling of the truth? Or will the conclusion offer another “Irish Truth”: partial, redacted, suffused with myth, and impermeable to logic?


5 years later, No change.

I still want to see the lists of everything. All the people who got loans and how much and what for, all the bondholders big and small, all the property being sold by NAMA we know nothing of and anything else I’ve forgotten because I’ve never known due the opacity that is this smug democratic-autocarcy. The great legacy of snakes and gold diggers. Let’s have it out in the open all the data you can muster boys and girls. It would fit on one USB key.

Until then the badness rots more the ignorant.