dell to get rid of 10% of Irish staff

Just been on rte news. 450 of 4500 odd to go and thats our equal share of their 10% global cutback in staff of 8000 from 80000. We Irish suffer no more or less than the overall global staff. Dell have been having a bad time for a year or two.

Dell believe it will happen over 12 months and largely through natural wastage.

Doom n gloomers , please move along there.

First Eircom, now Dell, who’s next? :open_mouth:

The HSE are pruning some 1000 admin staff I hear. Marys revenge .

Jazus,the counting of the election votes is just barely completed and now these stories start breaking out like a bad rash :unamused:

The HSE have hundreds of redundant and highly paid accountants left over from Health Board days. They should fire everyone and rehire only what’s needed.

Methinks there’s going to be a huge amount of “natural wastage” going on.

I wonder how long it will take for natural wastage to lose those people?

…wondering if dell will become the fruit of the loom of our generation.

You mean fruit of the boom?

(sorry :laughing: )

they sound like large numbers but still tiny compared to the number of builders, contracted builders and “self employed” builders and associated trade workers that won’t have a job over the next year.

People will start to get nervy when a blue-chip like Dell are scaling back here. Start to think about their own security and perhaps hold-off buying that new car or the new kitchen or whatever. A few more blue-chip bad news announcements will have a serious ripple effect.

If you are an employee of Dell in Limerick and also trying to sell a house at the same time…things wouldn’t look so rosy!

… more bad new for Motorola.

Apparently there’s a lot of Polish working at the plant in Limerick, maybe it’s wishful thinking to expect that they can return to the newly built factory in Lodz?

Your not a bit sorry