Demented Lenihan - that's not what I said

One sign of Lenihan hitting turbo-bullshit mode is the phrase “No,. In fact I’m glad you asked me that”.

This morning he had a go at reinterpreting his “cheapest bailout” quote.

This is a link to the interview (relevant section at 41.56)

“What I said was: This is the cheapest bailout in the world so far” with the emphasis on “so far”. This is pathetic.

He did the same on RTE Radio 1 this morning.

Unfortunately the interviewer started with “you said this was the cheapest bailout so far…” as if scripted.
He jumped on the “so far” bit and got away with a very soft interview.

The “so far”, if it was spoken, is ambiguous anyway. If he meant “Of all the bailouts around the world, this one is the cheapest so far,” it just shows he didn’t realise how expensive it would be.

He can’t possibly be arguing he meant “so far this is cheap, but it’s going to get expensive later.”

maybe he had a “mental reservation”

What part of “****” Lenihan are yis not getting.

*** This may or may not be true from "*" Chef.

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Fixed that for ya Brian, and boy is it painful.

From the Hegald…

The only sensible interpretation of the “so far” is in comparison with other countries. Let’s knock on the head the idea that the “cheapest so far” relates to timing. If it was delivered in this context, everyone would have asked “how much will it cost?”. I agree with Exiled.

You mean ‘upon mature recollection’… ala Daddy

Morgan Kelly back in October 2009: … 08947.html

Why oh why does Morgan get so little credit in the media when he has called it right from day one ?

Which of course means that his 90% prediction now looks like a sure thing :open_mouth:

It makes it clear why in court cases they want the defendant to just answer ‘Yes or No’ or else it would be impossible to ever convict a criminal lawyer of anything. It would be too easy to use ambiguous language to get around the system.

I think all of the questions put to Brian in future should just have a yes or no answer and for that matter maybe it’s best if every politician was just allowed answer questions in this way.
It would be easier then in the future to bring up past conversations and point to what was said.

“Oh, I’m sorry, when you said ‘No’ back then you actually meant ‘Yes’. Well that’s where all the confusion came into it you see”.

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He clearly meant “so far”, in that another bail out plan might be introduced by a nother country, not that the Irish plan would become expensive.

So why don’t our wimpy media journalist jump on him with follow up questions like:

“Are you saying you knew this was going to get extremely expensive?”
“Are you saying that you made a most enormous error in your estimation of the cost?”
“Are you saying you deliberately confined your estimate of cost to hide the enormaous cost that would be revealed inthe future?”

will he put his reputation on the line too?

Blue Horseshoe

Well, it’s a sign of evolution (even though one of the offspring seems to think that’s a dirty word!) that the Lenihan clan have learnt to couch their prognostications.

Áine Lawlor on Morning Ireland was a pathetic interviewer as well. She let him get away with this sophistry, and with, inter alia, the frankly ludicrous “brave Irish people selling debt” tangent, his laughable attack on RTÉ, and all of his other polished rhetoric. At least Cathal MacCoille might have given him a run for his money.

But what we needed was an attack dog interviewer who might have gen’d up on the basics - like that fact that the bank bailout has cost 46 billion so far - someone like that BBC dude who hung Sweary Mary out to dry on TV some time back. Someone who has a competence in economics that goes beyond the Inter Cert, and whose instinct is to get an answer, and not a rambling discourse in emotional deflection.

But genuflection to Lenihan is reflexive at this stage.

It also shows that in the case of this particular family they have a genetic imperative to subvert the state.

Firing ministers, rocking the system … and they say Ireland is so much more sophisticated now.

And he is a pathetic human being and member of a pathetic gathering of rotten individuals (I refuse to recognise FF as a political party)

Some Dublin FF TD was on with Ivan Yates yesterday morning and denied Lenihan ever said it

I think it was Darragh O’Brien but not 100%