Dempsey's secret meeting with the 'important people' … 97983.html

Noel Dempsey attacked by Tom Parlon.
Guess the blind not only lead the blind, but also blame each other for getting lost !

I wonder if the amount of money given to FF by developers during the good years was brought up in the ‘debate’ ?

That kind of servile attitude displayed in the title is one of the reasons why I emigrated ( among about 27 others )

We are important and you are not . We will hold meetings in private discussing your future but you will ony hear rumours about it .

I hear Cowen totally tranforms himself during these private meetings . He can be visionary , inspiring and displays real leadership . Or so I have heard . :sick:

I will believe that,quite literally,when I see it.

You would have really hated the drama based on the Michael Neary case shown (repeated) last night on RTE.

  1. Neary’s team was more concerned with the “betrayal” and hunting for the informer than the fact that Neary was removing wombs from healthy women.
  2. He’s a consultant. We couldn’t possibly question him.

Considering our history, I can’t understand how we’ve become such a servile people.

Dont forget the church where they tried to teach us all to bow our heads and be good little boys and girls (and all the while thousands were being abused all over the country) and this also permeated schools and eventually homes where it was for a while beaten into us ignorants so we’d listen and if you didnt listen then they’d read your name out at the mass so people could ignore you etc. This place is a feckin experiment in torture FFS with the church trying to outdo the black an tans for the hearts of the people. Do you understand now maybe?

Funny you should mention the Church; because as I recall there was substantial circumstantial evidence that it was a Nun that stole the missing records in the Neary case !

right, because in other countries rich business men don’t meet politicians to discuss policy. … 797844.ece

I think this was a Parlon misfire.

Parlon roasts Dempsey in front of Irish ‘big business’ then leaks the story so the CIF players can see he’s doing his best to squeeze Dempsey for more cash.

Really, is that how it went Tom?

With reporter Dan having spoken to one side, to finish this piece all he needs to do is approach the other side for comment, any comment:

Contrary to the other ‘sources’ the spokesperson doesn’t go into detail about who said what, but slips up by saying:

And the sub-ed decides to run with that as a headline, instead of reporting as Government failing on spending pledge or some other CIF pleasing headline.

I would be kind of concerned if politicians did not meet rich buisness people in private to discuss policy . Its the way that the article is written that makes it servile .
In the Indo article we get ’ The meeting was held in the offices of Lawyers Mason Hayes and Curren that it is held under ’ Chatham House Rules ’ and thrown in for good measure ’ It is believed ’ ’ behind closed doors . ’ sources ’ and so on .

Its like some secret meeting of a New Ireland Order where they sacifrice a virgin taxpayer and a Goat but the Indo has the inside scoop through its sources to bring you , the great unwashed some snippets of what was rumoured to have been discussed and brought to you by their sources .

The other article is about a dinner between Mandelson and David Geffin which does not go down on bended knee to the fact that a government Minister or secretery met with a Hollywood big wig .

They are very different articles and attitudes .

The thing I love about this article is they (mandelson, geffen and all the blairettes) don’t get that eventually so much will be free legally the for profit models will collapse.

Its only a matter of time.

As for ministerial policy toward job creation… possibly the only thing its good for is as a pretext for hiding behind as its a total and utter farce in terms of effectiveness.

They ran the hospital after all…

I’m sure he is… if I was an insider and I had someone telling me they’d fooled the mugs into bailing me out, I’d consider them a genius too.

Oh it was way, way, creepier than that.

Apparently the Bride’s of Christ all worshipped the ground that Neary & some of the other consultants walked on.

One Nun obviously couldn’t countenance those nasty patients that cluttered up her hospital actually getting justice & seeing Neary imprisoned.

Could this be down to a religious belief that God is punishing those who are sick? For past sins or such sh1te?

Just wondering… fortunately am so removed from religion I ain’t got the foggiest.


So one of your 28 reaons for emigrating was the tone of an article about a meeting between a minister and some self-appointed VIPs? If you honestly believe that there is something unique to Ireland about this stuff, then you’re deluding yourself.