Denis O'Brien buys French Ambassadors residence + Embassy

According to the Sunday Times for a cool 80million.

Does that mean hes going to pay some taxes now, like the rest of us citizens? Or is he still “resident” in Malta.

The next time that f*cker touches down in ireland they should confiscate his passport and deport him. We dont need billionaire parasite tax avoiders in this country.

The bottom line, is

  • if you have an irish passport
  • and you are working in ireland
  • with a house in ireland
  • using the countrys infrastructure to move around
  • expecting the gardai to come to you when you dial 999

Then you should be paying taxes. F*cking parasite!

Hmmm, I wonder if people who avoid tax in this way really spend as much time out of the country as they’re supposed to in order not to have to pay tax here. Maybe we should start a “billionairewatch” to track their movements?

Fair play to Michael O’Leary - at least he stays here and pays his taxes like us little people.

I knew a guy who did avoid tax in this way and for business reasons had to be in Ireland as much as possible. It is quite involved - in a way it reminded me of a diabetic having to monitor their blood sugar: you have to pay close attention to the amount of time you spend in the country; besides being mostly resident in some other country there appear to be rules about being outside national waters at certain times for certain amounts of time etc., in order to make it work.

Unless you can actually easily stay away for a couple of years it really is a pain in the ass.

Loads of people do this, U2 included: … 33364.html

they also have business interests in Ireland:

now tell us what you REALLY think! I’m getting to agree with you though - the idea of hanging these guys (Sir Doctor Anthony O’Reilly, Denis O’Brien, yer man in Limerick - John Magniers mate, and all the others) up by their heels and whacking them with a hurley till some money drops out of their pockets to pay for the privilege of being Irish does have a certain appeal.
Pity there isn’t some universal sign of “parasite” like that “dickhead” gesture - would love to make my opinions know when I see one of these tax-dodgers lording it in MY country. db.

Why does Maltese businessman Denis O’Brien need a house in Dublin?

Is this an investment property?

Or a holiday home?

Most of the people you mention have given employment to Irish people and proudly represent Ireland on an international stage. In pure monetary terms they have more than put money back into Ireland. I might think Bono is an arse for telling taxpayers what to do with their money while his company avoids tax, but for the rest I think there is an unjustified tone of begrudgery on this thread.

A lot of this probably comes down to the socialist notion that the more money a person makes, the more tax they pay. A daft notion but now public policy with no-one even questioning why this should be.

ARW I disagree with you.

It’s alright for our Titans of Industry to make their billions here and then fuck off to wherever they like to avoid paying tax here.

But we should continue to fawn over them.

The system is skewed towards the rich. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. :imp:

My Gawd. If I’m an otherwise broke person making more than € 34,000 a year I’ll pay 41% tax + PRSI.

Should billionaires not pay the same proportion of their income in tax?

Is that socialist? Jesus…

Right on there.

I saw an article in the papers some months where O’ brien attacked the Irish people over our rascist attitudes to immigrants ( he did nt distinguish between legal or illegal immigrants).
He stated we have to change our ways to accomodate these people.

I vomited when I read that.This scumbag makes billions and then he lives here for considerable periods of time ,pays no taxes,pollutes our air with his private jet.

Strip him of Irish citizenship if he does nt pay taxes.

Yes it is. It’s quite simple, we all drive on the same roads, we all use the same schools etc. People like O’Brien probably use even less social services than the average person because I guess he pays for his own kids education :slight_smile:

People are making the argument on this thread that tax exiles should pay taxes in Ireland because it pays for the services they use. That’s bollox, tax systems in Ireland are used a means of wealth distribution - if they were simply used as a means to charge people for public services, we’d all have the same bill. That’s the choice society has made.

From an ethical point of view I have no problem with tax exiles because it is their money and just because the rest of us want to get our hands on it does not mean they should meekly comply. I’ve far more time for a Denis O’Brien or a Tony O’Reilly than I have for some gombeen politician who wants their money to build a new bypass around his property investments.

Well Warren Buffet disagrees with you ARW. I’m sure he could have been a smartarse and fucked off to Bermuda or somewhere like that years ago but he didn’t.

He stayed put and even publicly criticised the leniency of the tax system on extremely wealthy people like himself.

He must be a socialist too!

We’re all a bit socialist, but if you’re going to criticise someone you should have a think about whether that criticism is because what they’re doing is wrong and harmful, or whether you’re upset at them because they contradict your ideas as to how society should be run.

Bring in a flat tax and do away with all the bullshit I say.

In the meantime I’ll take Warren over Denis any day.

Say what you like about Dennis O’Brien, but at least he made his money in a totally fair, transparent and non-shady way with absolutely no complicity whatsoever by venal public servants.

you are supposed to put in a smiley or something to indicate sarcasm, Chomp!

So much for a property crash.

This place was valued at €60 million a few months ago.

I had a very amusing chuckle at chomp’s comments… you’ve brightened up my afternoon. DOB prob thinks his contribution towards the trapatoni salary has in someway offset the negative publicity of his tax avoidance.
I don’t think so to be honest, pay your taxes or don’t, he could have done that discretely but that was never going to happen with that guy.

Assuming that he does not have some clever way of getting out of stamp duty and the fact that this is not his only house in Ireland, there is a good chance that he is getting stung for about €7 million in stamp duty. I reckon on a scale of the amount of tax paid by people here in 2008, he would probably make the top 1% of ‘taxpayers’.

Or does the land still qualify as being ‘French soil’ as it was an embassy and they get the tax take? or could he volunteer to run the Maltese embassy in Ireland and get an exemption from stamp duty?

Quality gaff all the same. Probably one of the best gaffs in the whole country.

On DO’B and taxes – I’m happier paying my tax to her majesty the queen than to a f*&!ing gombeen in Dail Eireann. I can tell you about my recent hospital visits here in England – I didn’t have to pay one penny or wait more than one hour. I was paying €770 per year on VHI health insurance when I was living in Ireland last year. I had the misfortune of visiting hospital in Ireland this Easter and I was waiting 7 hours and had to cough up €66 for the privilege – the place was filthy and was full of your typical Dublin knackers complete with grubby Air max runners.

I’m not the most patriotic of people but I do recognise the moral duty towards society and the common good. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what country you pay your taxes in – DO’B’s tax money probably employs a lot more doctors/nurses/teachers/police and feeds ten times as many families in Malta than it ever would in Ireland.

I’m answerable to God, not some ‘nation state’ (especially a gombeen nation state). Yes, I’ll abide by the laws of the land, but just because something is legal does not mean it’s moral (e.g. section 23, rural renewal schemes, the farmer’s dole, toll roads, 2-hour commutes for mothers, etc., etc.)

I hope DO’B enjoys his new ‘holiday home’ and has lots of fun telling gombeens to go f*&k themselves. If the Minister for Foreign Affairs really wanted his precious purple book with a harp on it back, I’m sure Denis wouldn’t be too bothered about it.