Depressionary bust in Ireland is echoed in California … california

California last year paid its public sector workers with IOUs. Of course, those IOUs will never be redeemed. Definetly something we should consider in Ireland. Pay them with worthless scrip, I say.

Heres what the Governator says

Yeah, sadly the governator is a tit.

His move to the US had nothing to do with the easier availability of anabolic steroids? Land of the free to decide and all that… Or perhaps it was because socialist europe had decided that building muscle wasn’t exactly a talent? And didn’t have any opportinities? With a 21 year old, it’s hard to know…

Thats funny. But inaccurate.

He moved to the US to get into movies and be famous, just like Colin Farrel and all the other Hollywood tits.

I was always told Arnie fled to the US because he hated his skin colour.
I’ll be black, he vowed, before leaving Austria forever.

I think that’s a bit harsh of on Arnie. The destruction of California’s economy was a group effort, it certainly didn’t just happen in the last few years.

It’s been said for the last millennium that China couldn’t be governed by anything other than a dictatorship. I think CA is in the same situation; if left to its occupants it will implode.

(But then I’m easily pleased).

Okay, so he went to Hollywood.
And nobody in Europe wanted to make muscle movies.
And, guess what, after the first movie he made, nobody in the US wanted to make them either! Have you seen it? I have. It’s shit, he’s a tit.

Seriously though, for years I avoided Arnie’s films.
Then by accident saw Terminator 2.
Still in the top 3 best films ever.

The script was redeemed. Just like it was the last time it was used back in the early '90’s.

Cal is hurting, especially the central valley, but the problems are all in Sacramento. They’ve run out of money and the party is over but the Dems who have run the state for the last generation are still living in fantasy land. They’ll all be gone in a few years and the state will recover fairly quickly.

Ireland on the other hand is still living in a collective fantasy land and is totally fucked for the foreseeable future. The euro will guarantee that.

I’ve seen boom / bust cycles close up in both California and Ireland over the last thirty plus years and from what I’ve seen so far California is just going through a nastier version of the last recession so I’m pretty optimistic about its future. Whereas Ireland is well on its way to making the next decade a rerun of the 1950’s.

Tit or no tit, it was still a good idea to pay PS workers in IOUs.

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