Deprivation index shows commuter belt suffering greatly … 46985.html

I hate to be continually negative about standards of journalism, but

What was the national unemployment rate in 2006?

I disagree somewhat with the article too in terms of places like Rochfortbridge and where the unemployment has come from. Many, many buildery types bought into the bubble. Whether actual builders or in the surrounding industries. My belief is that and the knock-on local income effects have been the cause of increase of unemployment in places like Offaly - you can add in the decline in off-farm income (from driving machinery) to that.

Look at the areas that have significantly improved though.

Reporting from on the ground in Westmeath, I can confirm its bad. People are really feeling the pinch here. The place is littered with ghost estates and pound shops.

What’s going on in Newport, Co. Mayo?

SCD really is different!

Is it just me? I look at that and think: “Five years of an economic catastrophe and three quarters of the country is either improved or only marginally disimproved – it’s much better than I thought”.

A Burglars best friend … pIndex.xml

I dislike the phrase “disadvantaged”.

This article belongs to the Fr Sean Healy School of Tendentious and Inaccurate Shite.

Any chance of proving this correlation? Also, any chance of proving this correlation in the particular circumstances of an economic depression where wealth destruction has been caused by multiple factors such as loss of value of blue-chip shares as well as property values?

Well that’s all right then. If the learned economists argues it, it must be write. No need for any evidence.

Any chance that the learned economists can advance any proof of the statement “that negative equity, for example, isn’t a reliable long-term indicator of wealth of affluence as a person can ultimately trade their way out of this over time” based on say an analysis of other property crashes?

My area is classed as very disadvantaged.

This of course is a load of bollox, as the people living on my housing estate never had it so good.

One of the really depressing things is that in a country of Ireland’s size and population density, Westmeath, Roscommon and Longford were in the Dublin commuter belt at all.

Even more depressing is that 6 years after the bubble burst we have done nothing to prevent it happening again, any of it.

Well look who’s in charge.

Politicians that have backbones made from marshmallow.

Faceless bureaucrats in the high reaaches of the civil service, answerable to no one and think they’re gifted and above the rest of us.

NGOs, special interest groups, lobbyists etc who think the state was set up just for them, to provide them with a living.

They would sell their granny for another bubble. It is painstakingly true at this point, nothing has been done to rectify the root causes of the problem because the problem is itself in power.

When people realise this and can distance themselves form the destructive relationship then you might see some rectification.

What realistically is the solution, apart from allowing the commuter belts to depopulate, which is exactly what will happen if the “do nothing” option is persued!

I thought the do-nothing option is current policy.

Solution is to agree to stop sacrificing generations to the work model and allow the potential of the play model sustain life in as diverse a manner possible.

No one thing is the answer. Which is in total contrast to the “only show in town” i.e. " do nothing" pursued policy.

Diversity not Divison.

If people can get their head around that then that is the start.

First thing to do would be to introduce diversity into the operational admninistration. No that is not more Quangos! A Quango is a divisionary act.

Diversifying can only happen by opening up the system to diversity of inputs.

… to your inherent point, the solution itself will be apparent and it will be many co-competative and co-operative solutions all at once ensuring no one thing can fail and jeopardize the whole or give on entity the leverage to threaten the whole with imminent collapse “or else!”.

Needless to say there will be the need for a lot of chillin’ on as many diverse levels as you all can imagine :smiley:

First of all calling it a deprivation index …the persecution complex of people in rich western societys continues…

I just checked out killiney/dalkey …only some pockets of extreme affluence in that area ? The vico road is just affluent ? credibility dropping a little …

There was another chart that showed change between 2006 and 2011 and lots of area were doing better …is this because the average dropped or are people genuinely better off …

There is no solution. None that is homemade in Ireland, at any rate. Why do people not get that? We cannot work off our debts with unemployment so high. Unemployment cannot improve in the face of public spending cuts and tax increases. Public spending cannot increase without increasing debts beyond the already unsustainable levels. Ergo, we are fucked, plain and simple.

The solution*, if there is one, is that the nice Germans give us a cart load of money, free gratis and without strings attached, to reduce our debt to sustainable levels. Given the political situation in Germany and the German public’s impression that Europe outside of the Bundesrepublik is shower of wastoids and thieves, they will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the right conclusion. Which means that we will probably get the bare minimum to make our debt sustainable, which in turn means many more years of debt servitude before we see light at the end of the tunnel. And that’s the optimistic outlook.

The pessimistic outlook is that we continue to not “get it”. Our government continues to pursue policies designed to get a “recovery” in house prices. Our people continue to think that the bubble was the normal state of affairs and forget that a huge proportion of our bubble income was a withdrawal from German piggybanks. Our public servants continue to believe that their present level of income is an entitlement. Our competitiveness stops improving. FDI dries up. We default on our debts and leave the euro. Unemployment soars above 50% and external inflation crucifies the last few with savings. Hordes of cannibals roam the streets in search of food.

(* I am ignoring the possibility of highly inflationary policies, since that is even more anathema to the Germans).

Shure all them hungry canniballs runnin’.around will keep the Germans well away so!

Do you think we will eventually have to leave the euro? I can’t see how we can manage to stay in and not default on our debts.