Derek Brawns new website

Hi , I heard Derek Brawn on 4 FM this morning talking about his new website comparebut2rent . It sounded good and when I looked it up , it had some interesting stories , but when I went to use the calculator , there was a charge of 4.99 . Has anyone here used it , is it worth it ?

Had a very quick look, it sounds like something Ronan Lyons does for free on his blog? In any case, it says if you dont feel it was of any assistance, he will give you your subscription back, so you cant really ask for fairer than that really…


p.s. 4.99 a month! for access to online calculator - rang alarm bells tbh , seems a bit predatory.

anyone actually tried it - any use?

what could it possibly tell you thats worth 4.99 a month?

if really worth 4.99 a month he should be promoting it by giving trials, first time free etc. no way i’m going to sing up for it without any idea what it’s like or absent raving reviews by independent parties.

i like him but this sort of thing pisses me off…maybe i’m being unfair - just really dont agree with the pricing of it.

You must remember that there are lots of people out there who are not as clued in as your average pinster! For a start there are the 30%+ who voted FF in 2007!