Derelict house on Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4

Anyone know anything about the story behind this place:

Are you blind? The house the telegraph pole is in front of.

Don’t know - can’t see the numbers.

Is that not Landsdowne Terrace? Would be curious meself…

I know that a lot of houses on his terrace were bought by the IRFU prior to then development of the Avia Stadium, I imagine to avert planning objections or deal with access ( one house on this terrace was demolished for this purpose). Perhaps this place in in this category?

Is it worth checking the land registry?

Thomsons ? Electoral register ?

Appreciate Google-maps is a few years old - but looks pretty good on the relevant day the camera whizzed by …

You sure you’re looking at the right one? The one with the red car in the drive and very overgrown? Also, on a more general note, just because the hedge looks cut doesn’t really mean anything, because we can only tell it has been cut on the neighbour’s side, and their house isn’t derelict.

Haven’t the IRFU been buying the area up to eventually extend the stadium to full height?

From Alfred Hitchcocks Rear Windown

The house next door to the derelict one was once occupied by James Joyce and has a plaque indicating likewise on it, not sure if that’s significant in any way.

Joyce lived all over Dublin in his childhood. His da was a bit of a deadbeat, would lease a place then do a runner on the rent when it fell due iirc.

The house a few doors up from this that’s under renovation had the bomb squad out to safely dispose of 1920s ordinance yesterday. Nosy pinsters and potential squatters beware!

I reckon someone nearly caught up with Joyce’s Da …

52 Shelbourne road sold for €970k on 23-12-14

Joyce’s dad bought it in 1914, you idiot.

(sorry, I just miss the completely unprovoked outbursts from the edge on here)

A friend (yes a friend!) rents in a house in this area which is owned by the IRFU. Apparently a huge proportion of the houses around Ballsbridge and particularly on Lansdowne Road and Shelbourne Road are owned by the IRFU. Out of curiosity does anyone have any further info on the amount of properties that the IRFU own in the area? The rent in the house that i’m talking about hasn’t been raised since 2001…

Gerry Thornley at the Irish Times might!

seriously - I’m sure he’d be interested to know the IRFU is not maximising its assets (your friend mightn’t appreciate it)

I’d heard they’d bought a lot [prior to the boom] in order to make redeveloping Lansdowne Road easier; surprised they still have them

Believe it or not, it’s actually lived in! I used to live a few doors down from spooky old number 58. They’re reclusive and very odd. Norman Bates vibes. They don’t pay pay for electricity or bins so house is permanently dark, and front garden is periodically filled with rubbish bags giving an even more abandoned feel.

Basically I think they inherited the house from their parents about 20-25 years ago and through a combination of probable mental health issues/general weirdness the place has gone to absolute shite. It actually has by far the biggest back garden on the whole road because it’s located on the bend in the road, so the garden fans out getting wider towards the back as it meets the DART line to the rear. Shame really because it’s totally overgrown.

The car in the driveway you can see on Google streetview– which in all my years on the road I never once saw move– was burned out a couple of years back and removed.

I walk past this house frequently and it looks completely derelict, broken windows, tatty curtains, overgrown etc. Given some of the lovely renovations on the road I went on a google search arriving here.

I was shocked to find a poster saying people lived in it. After weeks of cautiously walking past expecting to see a face staring back at me from an upstairs window, as I walked by last night I saw somebody at the front door.

A sorry state of affairs as the house clearly isn’t inhabitable.