Derelict Site - Redcourt House, Clontarf


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What’s the future for this site?


Heartbreaking to see whats become of Hardys fine old House,think when he passed the wife sold it for 7-8 million,their only child having tragically broken his neck when diving into a shallow pool in the States.

Hardy owned the lands that are now surrounding that site,he sold them in the early 90s on the basis that no development would occur until after he died.He was a cute enough type who knew the value of keeping in with the neighbours.
All that land is now under apt buildings that stretch from there all the way down to the back of the Dollymount House.

The developer who bought that site had similar plans for the site but the residents had had enough and objected on a large enough scale against the plans which were I think rejected out of hand,2007 happened and well as you see the once manicured lawns that surrounded that great old house are now covered in weeds and the house allowed to run to ruin.

I imagine the property is now in NAMA I really cannot see permission being granted for more apts,likely someone will buy the site and build a house on it.Hopefully soon as it really is a dreadful eyesore.


I know it was years ago you wrote this post, but believe it or not site is still abandonded. It is overgrown now. I am aware that the developer’s name is Mark Pigott, but I can’t seem to find his contact details. I have great ideas for how we could turn the space into a wonderful public amenity for Clontarf locals. If you or anybody else knows how to get a hold of Mark Pigott please email me at :


What’s the latest on this house? Very overgrown now.


Ive lived next to this house my whole life. My second cousin was friends with the son who had tragically died. Unfortunately my second cousin died around the same time.

I’ve always had a deep interest in the house. I still very much do and when it burnt down in 2007 it was like losing something important. I for one would not like apartments to be built there at all. If anything i think a house should be rebuilt. The grounds of redcourt are very much overgrown and dirty, with graffiti on the pillars which i dont find appealing one bit. But the sense i get from the area, is somewhat magical. I am aware this area has had tragic/murder incidents. But i dont think it should be developed with apartments, the same deal with St. Annes park. These places are special. Redcourt has a history and a story.

Thats all.