Dere's another one of dem lads - another union slush fund?


How. How the FCK.

That would have covered the AIB bonuses :angry:

Apparently the HSNPF were an organisation set up to promote good relationships between the Health Services and the Unions, i.e. ‘here’s a chunk of money lads - use it as you see fit for relationship/morale building events, to keep everyone sweet and make sure there’s no nasty strikes or the likes. Sure - bring the Mrs no problem - and her sister to go shopping with while you are sleeping off the hangover the next morning’.

George Orwell’s " Animal Farm " Now the question is who are the pigs ?

Perhaps the hierarchy in the Unions who hold lucrative positions on the the Board of Directors of the Central Bank and FAS for example would be good examples ? In fact there’s so many with their snouts in the trough that it really does beg the question as to where their loyalties lie. Imperical evidence shows that the Unions in general care nothing for their membership who work in the Private Sector but get all bent outta shape when their Public Sector members are squeezed.

So who are the gate keepers who safeguard the rights of ordinary decent people. The Founders of the State turn in their graves at the treason and treachery of the current FF gov. while big Jim Larkin frowns in disgust at the present Union leadership.