Derivatives redux

Not sure how big a deal this is, the people on FTA seem to think it is quite big: … es-muddle/

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Hilarious…Im sure Buffett is rolling round on the carpet
WMD indeed… now how the fuck do you defuse one of these suckers… red wire or blue wire red or blue

The day the US can get away with worldwide fraud,market fixing,chicanery, the mass Ponzi scheme that is now the dollar and generally taking everyone for mugs is hopefully approaching an end.

Notice how the Iranian Uranium enrichment row has hit the headlines again?This nothing to do with the potential threat from Iran developing nuclear warheads and everything to do with Iran developing a Euro denominated oil exchange,if it started,there would be huge demand from oil producers around the world,the effect on the dollar would be catastrophic,its influence in world trade and the drop in the demand for the currency would deal it a fatal blow,it would probably be the catalyst that is needed to crack the support for the dollar and there would be a mass panic driven selloff by countries desperate to unload the worthless paper.The US has signalled that is prepared to go to war with any country that threatens its mass counterfeiting scheme.The Federal Reserve now has the power of the entire US airforce,navy and army to protect its racket.This is how serious the situation has become.

China has given notice that several state entities will choose whether to honour derivatives contracts,of course,this little gem hardly made the news,but the implications could be very serious indeed.The days of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs screwing the Chinese by manipulating the price of commodities to ensure losses for holders of these contracts they have sold is being challenged by the Chinese - who will be next?.