Dermot Ahern stepping down.

Newstalk just reading personal statement from Dermot Ahern stating he will not go forward for re-election at next General election.

So not sticking around to clean up his mess then…

Smug fecker quits before getting a verdict on his work record from his employer

do we have to look forward to a tribute special on late late now?

Ahern for the park?

Gravytrain has left the station.

Feck off and good riddence, by the way could you just do this now you git XX

Can we curse now ?

now he can collect Ministerial pensino for next 5 years rather than a mere TDs salary 8DD

That makes Gerry Adams TD a shoe-in, no?

Poor Dermo is sick.

Not as sick as the rest of us I would imagine. :frowning:

We need a new World order to wipe out all these benefits :nin

I’d say with Arthur Morgan and Dermot Ahern going, there might be 2 SF seats in Louth.

He’s now on the plank saying that in 2007 he told his family that would be his last election, he expected FF to go into opposition. We all wish that.

Is there a pension benefit for TDs retiring before GE?

There is allways a pension benefit for TDs…Period.

At the risk of annoying Coles 2, I sincerely hope not. Adams has some past in very many different ways. I think its new blood we need in our Political system. Adams has plenty of blood on his hands though.

He has had rheumathoid arthritis for the last 18 months.

Any benefit to his pension from retiring before the budget?

Lots of umhing and aghing and pregnant pauses is a sign of lying is it not?

Not funny.