Designer homes in Schull stranded when tide turned … 46571.html

He would deffo offload these at €150k-200k for the 2 bed housheens, problem is that he needs to show there is a ring fence on the first (up to) €1m or so to finish out the estate and it is only after that is done that he can shift the stock. That business plan should be in the brochure.

Once you are in NAMA then NAMA has to provide cast iron assurances as to finishing out, functioning management company and levies and bonds paid over to the Local authority and that means foregoing income ab initio.

It is only when all that normal stuff is guaranteed that NAMA can work out the loan based on selling the balance of the development.

some of the photos -well, one that I can see looks Adamstown-ish…
here’s one of those videos made of still photos :unamused:

Why buy when you can rent?

Of course they are no longer “new” homes if they have been let by the developer :slight_smile: Copper Point or Copperpoint is Not the worst looking Ghost Estate In Cork either ( bar the housheeens out front) even if the developer has spelling ‘issues’ :nin … me&pid=260

Copper Point | Rates
January 395
February 395
March 495
April 495
1st May - 5th June 495
6th June - 27th June 595
28th June - 4th July 695**
5th July - 18th July 995
19th July - 22nd August 1200
23rd August - 29th August 795**
30th August - 12th September 495
13th September - 30th September 395
October 395
November 395
December 395
Bank Holiday w/ends 495
Easter Week 685
Christmas/New Years 795

The 1980’s american sitcom theme music adds a nice touch

Photos leave me cold, just basic estate houses with interesting exterior architectural features