Desperate Flats There is no Law Against

See this lovely effort in Galway - a ‘studio apartment’. See the photos. It’s a single bed, a cooker fridge all butted up alongside one wall. Please, why is there no law against this. … y-1695053/

That is grim

Loadsa them in Galway.

170 a week - thats insane.

There’s actually no surface to put a kettle on. You would have to put the kettle on the table. What money-grabbing sod thinks thinks it’s okay to house someone like this.

JimMy ConNors latest investment maybe

What an abomination. Where are you supposed to put your clothes?? The oven?

To dry, I guess, presumably after washing them in the kettle, or maybe the toilet, if they’ll take a cold wash.

FFS, that’s not a flat of any kind, studio, or otherwise, it’s a spare room. :unamused:

Wait, no. There is a hook on the back of the door.
He’ll be wanting references too, because he won’t want any old riff raff about the place.

Cos banning this kind of stuff will magically create a supply of nicer places at lower prices, right?

How low is it acceptable to lower our standards to?

Exactlly Skip

It the same attitude that banned sending children down coal mines ect, as if laws like that solved any problems, truth be told it only makes things worse

For me this is about the minimum.

You can be as pious as you like but there will always be people who need this kind of accommodation. Mainly middle-aged men with some combination of poor employment prospects, marital break-up, substance issues.

They tend not to do very well when it comes to public sympathy but they need shelter like the rest of us.

That self contained unit is tagged onto a semi-d. You’re delusional if you think a middle aged man with substance abuse issues would be the target market.

That being said, they still deserve a bit better.

We should call the gaurds and let them know the landlord puts a gun to tenants heads and forces them to stay there.

If enough of that crap is allowed then you do remove the choice for some. A new low.

This got me thinking

  1. Like BER DAFT etc should require the unique Eircode for a dwelling (putting in a false one could be an offence)

  2. Anyone should be able to lookup by eircode and see if the premise is registered with PRTB and Revenue

While everyone is thinking about the size of the place (its horrendous! at 740 a month too…) i am thinking someone who is willing to skip out on basic living conditions will be quite likely to not pay their taxes. Actually they might not have liability insurance either, so theres an idea for prospective renters of the place…

Here’s another charming ‘self-contained apartment’. … y-1721037/

“The apartment contains a single built in bed, a** good range of eye and floor level units** with new cooker, fridge, microwave, **wooden floors **and a separate shower room with an electric shower. This is a **lovely apartment **in a good area and the owners are looking for a careful tenant.”
Wow. Both eye AND floor level units.
They forgot “after cooking a sumptuous meal in the newly renovated kitchen area, relax on the basic hard kitchen chair provided.”
The tenant would want to be careful because they are going to have to fold their clothes carefully in the corner.

What do you expect for a bedsit - it meets current regulations, is clean and freshly renovated.

Not everybody wants to or can afford to live in a modern, high spec apartment.

No washing machine. Breach of minimal housing standards.