"Desperation as luxury home prices halved"

independent.ie/national-news … 08098.html

Here they are www.daft.ie/1336177

Erm, 750k is not quite half of 1.4m. The Indo needs a new calculator.

I’ve logged the 46% drop at viewtopic.php?f=21&t=14910

I was asking a friend of mine who lives in Boughal about these houses a while back, he said it looked like none had been sold and the only person moved in was the builder who was now living in one of the houses.

These are in Navan Co Meath, not Dublin and why does every new house these days seem to be yellow with a tiny garden?
Don’t think 750k is the floor for these, probably will sell for around 450-500k

Yea. They are a long way out. I’d say 400k just cause they look luxurious and seem well made.

How would someone get into the city center of Dublin if they lived there?

Sorry Longtermrenter but you’re mistaken, these are in Ballyboughal.

Might be a similar development in Navan, but these are defo in Ballyboughal.

Ah sure, Metro North (Extension) will be up and running in no time. :unamused:

Is my link wrong? Cause if you look at the daft page and check the map at the end of the page you will see it is not in Dublin.

The daft map shows Navan, but probably just a mistake by an overworked EA? :angry:

I was just going by the google map on the ad, but yep you’re right - ballyboughal.com/, apparently Ballyboughal is Fingals “best kept secret”.
In other words a looong commute to the city.
They can keep the yellow pack housing.

Nah, the map is wrong.

Google map is wrong, some sterling work there by the EA.

There is no public transport to Ballyboughal so only way out is by car.

Ad says 10 min walk to schools, but it’s only a national school. Secondary schools are a (private) bus journey away.

Only Pub in the village closed down a few years ago.

It’s quite an old fashioned “country” village so whoever buys these gafs can expect plenty of funny looks.

Am familiar with the village, and agree with everything here.

the one thing I would say though, as a country bumkin, if I was looking for a 3000 sq.ft house to move the family to for potentially the rest of our lives, about 650-700k is not toooo bad for one of those. still about 2.5k sq.m though, which is just above market average for the area I would say.
No transport links, and don’t expect any either. The Metro P&R in lissenhall would(will?) have been very close, though still a car journey.

Yeah, only twenty or so times an average wage.

*Only *€3,400 a month over 30 years 92% @ 5.5%

You’d only need to be earning about €150k pa to afford one of these :unamused:

It’s alot of money for a house out there, no transport links, no pub, there’s a garage with a shop!!!

Nice houses but for that money you’d get something in/much closer to swords.

Maybe it’s just me but I think Ballyboughal is a bit of backwater.

those figures make no sense, not everyone is a FTB or B2L. These houses are aimed at neither!

as for getting something better, closer to Swords … hmmmm, not so sure; wouldn’t move to Swords either.

there are buyers out there for quality LOOOONG-term family homes, and there always will be. Once the buying price stacks up; they purchase.
Lets just say I’m such a person. If I sell up and get 3-400k equity released from my current house, I can move to a house 2.5 times the size, with a better finish, for 300k. I’m mid-late 30’s, my wife wants to give up work, maybe I have 100k savings in the bank, its costs me 200k.
Lots of assumptions, sure, but if the figures make sense, its all for the family lifestyle.

not everyone is in negative equity; not everyone is a speculator!


Those google/yahoo maps are automatically generated. The reason why the place is being shown as in Navan is probably because there’s a place there with the same/similar name.

Ah, they do make sense, they just don’t happen to suit your agenda of painting those houses to represent half decent value.

Whatever you’re having yourself, as the man says.