Developer Jim Mansfield suffers from nervous-system disorder

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Which developer had his plane leased by “drug dealers” to fly coke into a private aerodrome.
completely unknown to him I might add…?

Ahh yes, the old Ernest Saunders gambit.

Blue Horseshoe

Whilst the judge gave them more time he also said that due to Mr.Mansfield’s condition is would be better if the matter was dealt with sooner than later and so only gave a 1 month extension.

Who was the judge. None other than the righteous Judge P. Kelly. Order of the Pin; First Class. :slight_smile:

They should add a new section to the referendum on judges pay to allow this guy get a pay increase.

Call me cynical if you want, but the thing that always strikes me is how these high fliers suddenly develop diseases and conditions when they are about to be hauled up for their busted deals and dogy behaviour.
ernest saunders, cj haughey, liam carroll, and now jim mansfield.

I suppose we can hope his dyslexic son who is not responsible for his debts due to him not being able to read contracts and loan agreements might step in and help pay off the debts ?

Lots of these high flyer are quiet old (with the exception of Liam Carrol).

And old people get sick

Lucky they all have the medical card.

Don’t forget Mansfield Jr who suddenly turned into a Moron when he it was economically convienient for him to do so to evade responsibility.

Like Father like Son eh ?

Maybe someone has already questioned this… but is Jim being paid by NAMA for his services?
It would seem to me that if he is suffering from any such condition then it would mean he was unfit to carry out any roll that NAMA might be paying him for.

Is he doing a David Norris on it and getting Disability Benefit while the Irish Taxpayer gives him a fine handsome salary?! I hate to be so cynical but it is starting to give me Nerves that I am the only living Irish person with an inability to Milk It. I feel like I am somehow entitled to claim an Inability to Milk the System Supplement… Is there any plan in place for this one so far? Even a tax break?

I hope Mr. M is healthy and that his illness or problem is something very minor and transient, by the by

Nervous-system disorder indeed!!!

Jim’s twitch is going to be a lot worse tomorrow.

Hotelier Jim Mansfield ordered to repay debt of over €74m to NAMA.

We all knew without checking who the Judge would be thought, didn’t we ??? :mrgreen:

It’s all a big joke to you but in reality it means that his young fella won’t have any Ann and Barry book this Christmas. :nin … 21813.html

Birds of a feather, eh…

Unicorn PR? Quite appropriate for a couple of fantasy projects.

Remember how Lowry got into trouble before ?, he appeared to have accepted goods or services, for his lobbying, rather than anything so grubby as a brown envelope.

Just as well this time that there isn’t any appearance of that this time around …

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