Developer living on Fumes (James Clancy, Eagle Rock, Furbo)

Anglo wankers
paying dead beat developers wages with our money …

utter pricks

rough translation “I have money but I’m sure as hell not telling you where it is”
Hire a PI to follow him and take photos of him at a cash machine.

Clancy introdduced Amway to ireland, pyraid selling of cosmetics, toiletries etc.
Clan electric in Galway.

Better known as Jimmy Clancy and he is allegedly either number 1 or 2 or 3 in the Irish Amway Pyramid …and that for 30 years now .

No mention of his Ferries charging €70 per person for trips duing the Volvo Ocean Race either , I reckon if they were full they pulled in €10000 a day, each :smiley:

A full disclosure would have to include Amway , the Ferries and the hotel he has let out in Spiddal !

How can the good people of the pin know all of this so quickly and teh bewigged cant?

Really starting to get depressed. :unamused:

He’s a hard man to track, but here’s a sample! … y16503.asp

100 new jobs for Port.

EMPLOYMENT prospects in Portarlington received a major boost this week with the news of a new factory that will create upwards of 100 jobs. The new factory will produce a revolutionary housing system.

The news of the new development was announced at a joint meeting of the Laois and Offaly Fianna Fáil cumanns held in Portarlington last night (Tuesday). The man who is being credited with bringing the new factory to Portarlington is Offaly county councillor Tom Nolan.

The name of the new company is M2 (Emmedue) which is a franchise brought into Ireland from Italy by Galway man Jim Clancy.

Mr Clancy explained that for many years he had been looking for alternative ways to building houses and after much searching came across this method in Italy.

“I was watching television one night and there was a programme about the Egyptians building the pyramids. They were using trowels and mortar and I thought nothing has changed in 2,000 years. There must be a better way,” said Mr Clancy.

A chance meeting between Cllr Nolan and Mr Clancy while he was building 140 houses in Killmalogue in Portarlington laid the foundations for the new enterprise.

Mr Clancy was importing the components for the houses from Italy but transport costs were severe. He then decided that it would be better to produce these components in Ireland. His first aim was to set up in Galway near his home base but Mr Nolan persuaded him that Portarlington was the place to be.

“I’ve got to hand it to Tom. He did everything to persuade me to set up in Portarlington. He worked tirelessly and made sure everything went through,” said Mr Clancy. “He persevered until I was persuaded to set up in Portarlington.”

Mr Clancy went on to purchase a five-acre site in Botley Lane, Portarlington, just off Patrick Street. He anticipates that the factory will be up and running and in production before Christmas and says it will be the most modern factory of its type in the world.

“When I first saw the system it was like the reinvention of the wheel. **The system involves joined pairs of polystyrene sheets into which concrete is poured. These can then be faced, plastered or have brick work attached to them,” said Mr Clancy. **

As well as being far more environmentally friendly than normal methods and material with this system houses can be build much quicker. A four-block scheme of two two-bedroom and two three-bedroom houses can be erected in eight to nine days.

News of this new development will be greeted with delight in Portarlington which is still trying to come to terms with the closure of Avon Arlington.

I wouldn’t assume they don’t know when his own barrister admits his client hasn’t provided full details.

Theres your celtic tiger at its best.
Coming down with so many houses accumulated that you cant figure out how many you “own”

Here’s another link:,1771,en.pdf

James Clancy
Eagle Rock
Co. Galway

R 16/12/2004 Permission for security roller shutters and signage
Oscars Restaurant &
Clan Video Shop
22-23 Upper Dominick St

Again, fair play to ACC.

Is waterboarding illegal in Ireland ?

I’m pretty sure I can get a full list of his assets if needed. :nin

The mans a mess, the business is in a mess. Sounds to me that he could end up in jail for a while for contempt of court. It would put alot of similar shisters in thier place. Keep it up ACC, you could well be the saving of this country.

He might have a bit of rental income coming in…

Aha , so he got a loan for a polystyrene house factory in Portarlington and now the polystyrene house machinery is ( variously) in Romania or Abu Dhabi .

The technology was ‘demonstrated’ on a ghost estate somewhere and Brian Cowen was a supporter and it had grown another 100 jobs by then :smiley: … rmwork.pdf

one online English-Italian dictionary says that furbo means…

furbo adj cunning
furbo adj foxy
furbo adj artful (as a fox)
furbo adj wily
furbo agg clever
furbo agg shrewd
furbo agg canny!!!


The PS building system goes under the name Clantek

Elite holding group seems to be the UAE connection.

Well the Clan Eagle is sailing every day as far as I know , maybe the wife owns that too :smiley:

so is Clann na n-Oileán

However the website for Aran Direct Ferries has been taken down bar a holding page .

Don’t the taxpayer stump up quite a bit of cash to ‘subsidise’ all the island ferry businesses ?

Handy having mates in FF & especially AC&TG then !