Developer McKillen takes first legal challenge against Nama


Probably reflective of the change in government more than anything else.


Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose !


NAMA like ‘corporate terrorists’ in selling off developer’s hotel loans - Siobhan Creaton -> … 04580.html


Nama drawn into McKillen legal row with Barclays - Simon Carswell -> … 99079.html


The court case has started, but the real news is that they’ve got a new photo of McKillen!


John McManus in Irish Times today.


Hugely embarrassing.
Is it worthy of resignation ?


I’m not so convinced that the action is contrary to Nama’s best interest; the Barclay brothers’ MO has always been to buy assets on the cheap from distressed investors; IMHO they tried to shaft McKillen with “Fat Arse” going along with this;

Comparing McKillen to Sean Quinn is not accurate or fair

Of course they should be trying to recover maximum amount of loans ASAP, but at the expense of those actually servicing their loans?


London court finds against McKillen … ing30.html

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[PROPERTY DEVELOPER Paddy McKillen vowed to continue his fight with the billionaire Barclay brothers](PROPERTY DEVELOPER Paddy McKillen vowed to continue his fight with the billionaire Barclay brothers) … gn=digests

I remember reading the John Grisham books in the 90’s and the rich in the states seemed obsessed with avoiding paying money to the government in taxes at all costs. They would happily pay 100k to a tax consultant to avoid paying 100k in tax.

Is this the same here? Are the property developers of Ireland happily trying to avoid paying money back to the banks/nama/the state by giving their money to their solicitor friends instead for pointless court cases? Treasury Holdings seem to be doing the same. They should be concentrating on generating money and value for the tax payer. Cuts costs, don’t increase them

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Well he was in Michaels so that’s possible.

Joking aside, it’s hard not to feel sorry for these deveopers’ kids. They’re being dragged into the spotlight and it’s nothing to do with them.


Actually I take that back. His Facebook image is a picture of his CLK convertible. Twat.

Edit: plus pics of his Fixie bike. Hipster twat.


London court finds that McKillen pay all costs of the court case against Barclays/Nama. Estimated to be £20m :exclamation:


Hey, Al, don’t be down on the fixies. I’m riding one for 10 years, long before the current Hoxtonisation of the bicycle.


Now we’ll see the real extent of the Barclays’ “friendship” with Quinlan, will they continue to keep him in the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed …


You were a hipster before it was cool :slight_smile:

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McKillen loses London appeal over control of hotels

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