Developer McKillen takes first legal challenge against Nama

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Paddy McKillen’s battle for three of London’s best-known hotels
Interview: Developer fighting bitter battle to keep Claridge’s, Connaught and the Berkeley


In the Sunday Times yesterday they said McKillen has bought the Booterstown marsh for €1m


Would the zoning accommodate a hotel?


The one where the Eastern bypass is supposed to go?


Can’t accuse them of being sentimental anyway - they’re dumping one of the hotels after a wet day of ownership, but as they say, it is the least prestigious of the trio. All over the world, middle eastern companies, individuals and nations have tended to bid the highest prices to secure trophy assets in cities like Paris, London, etc. Now the question is, when they try to sell (and try to achieve more than they paid (and potentially overpaid)), who is going to buy them out?!