Developer Paddy Kelly fails to show in Court. … king44.htm

“Property developer Paddy Kelly failed to turn up at the Commercial Court today and was **not represented **when Bank of Ireland secured judgment against him requiring repayment of loans of €3.4 million.”

a fawning article about him at the twilight of the boom.

I wonder what happened in the meantime? :angry:…interesting website

pady’s problem is that he owns 0 acres

it’s the bank owns it all

Pady was one of bertie’s mates

n’est pas?

He’ll be going hungry now :laughing:

It seems like capitulation to me as he didn’t even bother to have representation at court…

Maybe he’s back in hawaii havin another rest

from march 22–the-economic-gloom-1681924.html

Its capitualtion alright. He knows the game is up. However you can rest assured that his Zanu FF buddies will look after him. They just need this NAMA gig to come good.

Question - If a developer gives a personal guarantee and goes bankrupt, typically how much can he/she expect to get away with? (Funny I can’t recall any female developer…anyone?)

Do they have stuff salted away and if so how far away form the durisdiction would they have to have it to avoid banks, VAT man, Tax Man, angry subcontractors?

More worryingly than this sham going bankrupt, what implications will there be for the numerous suppliers and small businesses he no doubt owes a fat wedge to?

any thoughts on why he would ignore BOI on Monday yet turn up for another trial yesterday?

Because the Kelly in court on this occasion was Chris not Paddy.

If you know the bank are going to win what can a solicitor do for you? bar a stay of exectution for a couple of weeks/months?

Is there any other kind. :unamused:

We really need a gene-pool infusion in this country.


You may need a sick bag before reading this

Developer says Bank of Ireland ‘begged for business’ Indo

" … 27256.html

I filled two.

Listen Paddy, you amadan, it’s not about confidence or negativity, it is and always was about greed.

It’s about selling young people into a lifetime of debt to “house” them in horrible tiny badly built overpriced shite, so people like you can live in Shewsbury Road, fly around in helicopters and have fawning painted whore journalists call you “affable” when you throw them a soundbite at your golf course in Florida.

Well fuck you Paddy. Fuck you and your property bubble and your shoeboxes.

I hope you end up in a one bedroom in Adamstown with forty years to pay it off Paddy, and then we’ll see how confident and positive you are ten years into it.

Todays Trib ( not online till later but WHAT a Bearfest :open_mouth: the biz section is ) reports that

  1. Paddy owes us all €700m , WE own Anglo nowadays do we not ???
  2. Anglo took this project off Paddy while BoI were taking his HQ off him … y11647.asp

Evidently they did not sell them, do we now own a fucking ski lift in the Alps as well as that hole in the ground in Chicago can anyone tell me :frowning: