Developer’s wife awarded €9,000 a month expenses




If there was any real ‘justice’ in the system then a lawyer is standing up in front of Birmingham today, as I write, and asking him to attach the sum of €9000 a month from that self same account and pay it straight to Stephanie Meehan whose husband committed suicide because the O Mahony Clan had a fucking lifestyle to maintain. What should we call that, ‘parity of dissipation’???

Thats Justice, at least it would be justice anywhere in Ireland but in South Dublin. :frowning:


Nice carve up.


This is easily explained if you ever take a trip down the four courts, the entire operation exists in a bubble with all cape wearing participants in the belief that they are members of an 18th century aristocratic clique.

Nearly all High Court judges are chosen from existing senior counsel, you would also need to be a senior counsel of note or have licked some serious political arses to get the nod. Senior Counsel who had a decent practise before they were elevated to the bench would have been earning serious fees. As such a judge who lives in this bubble would think that 9k a month is probably a very modest stipend.

Go down to the four courts, see, listen, none of them have any fcuking notion of what reality is, they sit for four hours a day then fcuk off back to rathgar to sit in a drawing room, with a glass of red, whilst they watch opera on sky arts perhaps flicking an auction guide from sotherbys.

The judge had ample discretion to chop her down, only he probably believes 9k a month is breadline stuff.

As an aside it would be funny to have a game show where judges were asked questions relating to ordinary life - cost of 1l of milk, price of a pint, whats MTV, who’s Robbie keane etc - you’d be fcuking astounded!


Didn’t Simon Kelly get away with it though … 27k for school fees


Really GUBU thing here is that IBRC had already agreed to 6.5K per month, which surely would’ve kept the family pretty close to what they’d been accustomed to?

Who the fuck spends 820 euro per month on ‘car expenses’? I hardly spend that in a year.


I presume that is for the chauffeur to drive the kids to school


Chauffeur**(s**) maybe??


How the hell are these people allowed to do this. I mean this country has a social welfare that entitles people to a certain amount of cash and other allowances that come no where near 9k a month…The money is in contention surely if social welfare is deemed enough for the rest of us mere mortals to live on …surely the case can be made that this leech of a woman and her kids should be told to do the same…I as a tax payer need to see bang for my book and 9k to a woman who has champagne taste and lemonade pockets thinks my tax money is fair game to send her kids to private school and keep her in the champagne taste that she is used to…

Absolutely seething over here…I hope there is more light shed on this until it is reversed and her and her kids are given a 2 bedroom gaff in Finglas/Swords/tallaght or some other area in Dublin were it will cut the 3.5k down to about 1k at most. Tell her to put kids into public school and tell here she cannot afford a phucking car…My God the levels of entitlements in this country from both the elite and professional welfare class can not continue :angry:


We need a sea change in our legal and judicial systems.


Depreciation on a range rover is a bit steep and of course this is the type transport one would be ccustomed to. It’s probably on one of those 3 year lease agreement where the monthly repayments would be steep.

Why are the courts so fooking slow. Two Mayfly seasons will have past before this one get sorted. Do the courts still have break to conincide with the Mayfly season so the judges can head west to catch a brownie dapping on the corrib or some other lake? How colonial is that?

You really could n’t make this sh*t up. Straight our of Ross o Kelly.

Yet again, another example that despite losing €Ms a fair few developer types have brass kneck, are spoofers and most likely as crooked as fook


I remember having a conversation with a legal professional a couple of years ago. A nice, affable fellow, he was bemoaning the lending behaviour of the banks which, he said, had resulted in the serious diminution in the value of his, once value-soaring, investment property in SCD. I put it to him that it was that very behaviour of those same banks that had provided him with his gain in the first place. Silence.


Wife of bankrupt developer says she owns frozen €1m - -> … -1.1594043


Fingleton involved in this one. Why isn’t that fucker in court?


Likely because he knows too much about the borrowings of the great and the good (or not so good) from the arena where you might like to see him.


The establishment is waiting for him to die, lest they be shown up as complicit.


The system is set up so those that are at the top are never prosecuted.

While over in Vietnam… … raud-trial


NAMA repossess Larry O Mahony’s home


What would be wrong with this lot moving into Priory Hall along with the fat hungerstrikers crew. They could have the run of the place, shouldn’t be too difficult to knock a few units together.


Nothing wrong with that. But no Christmas candles, roysh!