Developer Undercuts Himself by 20%+ in Drogheda ( Deepforde) … st54232819

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and in anticipation of further drops they may not even sell at ‘that again’ :open_mouth:

400k for Dundalk?

I’m nothing against the good denizens of that fair town but wild horses and dragging come to mind…

Deepforde is in Drogheda.

And it pays to shop around.

Reduced to sell.

edited , 400k in Drogheda is also frightening .

but at €327k please think of Charlesland :open_mouth: further away :open_mouth:

It was 400k for a semi in 2006 and 750k for a 5 bed detached on the same estate.

I’d be careful what ya say about the Wee County lads. :wink:

There are 239 3 Bed properties for sale in Drogheda right now on Daft. Over 500 homes of all sorts .

Only a minority of these will cost you over 300k and by eyewatering Galway standards some of the sub 300k ones look very nice indeed.


This is the kind of shit that pisses me off. If he had sunk 30K into a Nigerian scam the same person would have been chastising him for being a fool. Here he’s lost not just 70K but 70K plus interest so over the 30 or 35 years mentioned above he’s lost probably the guts of 140K. More again if you include the cost of not being able to invest it elsewhere.

He lost this phenomenal sum of money at a time when numerous people were warning that house prices were overvalued. At a time when he could have rented for substantially less, and he wouldn’t have given up his FTB status.

He’s lost it precisely because of numskulls like the poster above telling him ah sure you’ll be grand, if you’re going to be living in the house for 30 years it’ll eventually come back to the value you paid.


Further away from what ? Charlesland was grotesquely overpriced, but if I’m using Google Earth right, it’s 10 miles closer to the GPO than Drogheda.