Developers get brainwave...

Can’t flog 'em, rent 'em…

Register your interest now!!!

Hold on, I thought you only registered your interest to buy the shagger! Wait, they haven’t even bothered to change the copy! For shame! :unamused:

I dont see the problem with looking for tenants in advance of completion. It means more flexibility and choice for renters. It allows a renter to give his present landlord plenty of notice before he moves out. This is good.

Do you not think it is a bit unusual that the developer isn’t trying to sell the places first?

They already have…

And no, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it… But will these properties be presented as turnkey in a few years time!

I SINCERELY HOPE NOT!!! :smiling_imp:

My mistake they still are

Is that if you get a 100% mortgage over 40 years or something??

A (normal) 92% mortgage over 25 years @5% works out at €1,583 a month.

Also, is €1150 a month a realistic rent for a 2br apt in Ashbourne? Sounds a bit exxy to me…


€1150 a month to rent? I thought Country Tom et al were spouting that it was cheaper to buy than rent :laughing: .

Hmmm, if the rent was over €1,600 a month it would be. :wink:

That old works if you rent a room in the house you buy and keep the rental property all to your self.

Just make sure to read the large print at the top of the lease and make sure you’re not being conned into buying.

You don’t want John McGuire jumping out from behind the curtain with his new show “My adult offspring think renting is acceptable”, where parents who live in fear of not being able to boast about their adult children owning property are able to help their kids by getting Johnny boy to fix them up with the finance to buy the shoebox that they thought they’d only be renting for a year.

Albert Reynolds: Big Hall. Hard to fill.
Donnie Cassidy: You’d need the likes of Big Tom or Foster and Allen.


That was some prediction from John McGuire, whoever he is…