Developers targeted in clampdown on planning standards

I thought this was a late April Fools :slight_smile:

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Jaysus, this is so bloody late that the young bolting colt has since passed away due to old age!

This begs the question"How come they are only asking this now"? and shouldnt there be tribunal set up to examine why the DTA or whoever its predecessor was did not implement this before now.

Im all in favour of tribunals, I know they are slow, outragiously expensive and are very often slammed in the media (but then who isnt outside of VIs) but they also ask the most gloriously awkward questions of people in public life who seem to think they are above all that. (Isnt that right Bertie) and if the threat of public exposure works on future politicians ( because the current crop are damned already) then a tribunal is worth it :angry:

This is the first time the govt have attempted to set up a transport body with powers. Makes you wonder how they planned what should and shouldn’t be included in T21 if there wasn’t a professional transport body about.

markf909 said

Maybe they were following the advice of possibly the planning board, the same people who wont allow work at night on the M50 because of noise pollution around Ballymun/Finglas (obviously joyriders dont make much noise in these very quiet areas), “ah shag the cost lads everybody goes home at 6pm”

The article has now been removed from the front page of the Independent website.

This is an attempt to cut off supply of new housing in the great Dublin area, with a view to keep the prices from falling over the next couple of years. The billionaire developers who are sitting on unsold stock all over Dublin, do not want, small developers out near Naas, undercutting them by several hundred thousand.

This is a blatant attempt to choke off supply and stop the market from correcting.

Toooooo late

we won’t need another bedroom built for about 4 years



Are these morons serious? Jesus. lushedgkushegihs this makes me ffffuuuuuuuuume sooooo much.

And didn’t they announce somthing similar-ish last year about new regulations for the specs on apartments? After 95% of the apartments we are going to see built, have been built?


Charlatans and amateurs.

^ I share your frustrations Chomp. But I’ve given up on Ireland, and have learnt not to let these things get to me any more.

In other news, the government will be bringing forward proposals for modifications to the starting mechanism of automobiles, to counteract the problem of injuries suffered while crank-starting.

Environment minister John Gormley will be asking the industry to look into the possibity of introducing Electric Starters. The Irish government will do it’s part by contributing €15bn to research alternatives to the manual crank starters that have been in use since the very early automobiles.


You do? I couldn’t even parse them :smiling_imp: