Development Contributions

I have a friend who is building a house who has been given a bill from the council for around 16k consisting of money for roads and money for civic amenities. This house is way out in the country so what 6k for civic amenities is for i dont know.

When the plans were submitted the council said would be 11k ish so a down payment of 5k was given to the council

plans were re submitted and house reduced to 3/4 original size, and the council then upped the contribution to 16k with no mention of the 5k so i assume they left off by mistake or its actually 21k?! :open_mouth:
The mortgage lender will only release the funds when recipt of approval from council is recieved.

I have not lived in ireland for many a year so i dont know whay way this works
any advice?


We are rebuilding our house and will be hit by a development levy according to the architect. Dont know how much yet.

Doesn’t make any sense to me as our build will require no extra council services than what is currently there.

Seems like just another way of getting our money.

It has been a most luctrative way of getting money, easy money - until recently anyway - by local authorities.
However it all seemed to go into the ‘big pot’ and doubtless went on general spend or helped construct showcase Council offices.
On-the-spot return in the form of new or improved service and amenity to the planning applicant’s locality has rarely been seen.

My understanding is that the contribution is stated in the planning permission grant, and so would have been explained to your friend well before any work started. In addition, most county councils make the docs available online so you can get it yourself quite easily.