Development - Peyton, Rathcoole

Have been looking at this development for a while now - Peyton, Rathcoole.

Blackchurch Homes behind it.

asking 395,000 for these (about 25-30 of these to build): … Type_M.pdf

asking 435,000 for these (about 6-8 of these to build): … ype_M1.pdf

EA tells me they are selling (well 8 sold already - off plans as showhouse for M and M1 not yet built although similar showhouse is on site (there has been lots of changing around to housetypes etc)), turning down offer of 410,000 on the 435,000. Offer of 350,ooo for the 435,000 scoffed at.

Anyone any views on Development? Area? Builders? WIW for two houses above?

Disclaimer: i like the development and would buy there but think it is still significantly overpriced at those askings - so was somewhat suprised (well pinch of salt and all that) at EA’s confidence…

Any and all views appreciated.

Rathcoole used to be a tiny country town and is now plagued with developments. Totally ruined. I expect the local amenities haven’t caught up with the developments. You couldnt pay me to live in a 3 story house where the 3rd story is an integral bedroom. Not an extra room.

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why?..just wondering


I just think that having a main room up another flight of stairs would be a total pain in the… legs… :slight_smile:

I don’t quite understand what you mean by this. I’m guessing that you mean 2nd storey, rather than 3rd storey? Even then, I fail to see why you would have such a problem with a bedroom on a 2nd storey (physical disability perhaps?).

I have been into a similar house in this development and I have to say that the build quality and finish was honestly excellent (I believe that these gaffs scored a B on the BER scale). Unlike most Celtic Tiger shoeboxes, this house actually felt solid with decent heat/sound insulation (I did a bit of tyre-kicking). Location is a bit meh (Rathcoole isn’t exactly Dalkey) and public transportation is pretty sparse though (buses ain’t frequent and take an hour to get in). The houses are still too expensive, I’d quite frankly be willing to pay in the region of €250,000 for one of these. Having said that, I would expect that they could shift all the semi-d’s at the low €300k-mid €350k mark. Biggest issue for me though is that the estate isn’t complete - if the builder goes bust, there could be serious problems down the line.

do you really want to live on a building site for the next god knows how many years?not even a third of
that site is complete and must have started over 3 yrs ago.see they are still asking bubble prices also.
it would depress me waking up each day to those surroundings even if they gave them away.

Tiny sitting rooms
No gardens
Houses squeezed together making them look very constrained and boxed-in
Houses over 3 floors to increase the number of houses that can be squeezed onto the land
3 floor, narrow houses are totally, totally unsuitable for young children
Asking prices that are c.10x an average salary for the area
Massive, massive oversupply in the area of extremely similar estates
EA claiming 8 sales out of 35 units constitutes “selling well”
EA straining credulity about turning down huge offers in the middle of the biggest property crash in history
Possible management fees (?)

If you need more red flags than that you’ll need to get to Pyongyang on Dear Leader Day.

That would be a huge worry alright - anyone any info on blackchurch homes?

Would be a pain to live on building site and the site itself will prob not be fully developed for next few years at least.

original planning has been scalled back and changed numerous times: … erm=Peyton

I went to see these a few months ago for ‘tyre kicking’ purposes. Very nice houses, 3 storeys is a bit weird though. Very overpriced but Rathcoole has a very good reputation - schools, nice village, close-ish to Dublin.

Cons: Bus service is terrible, the 69 is very infrequent and the route is very long (goes through the back of clondalkin etc.) No idea when or if these houses will be finished.

I’d consider 250k more than enough for Rathcoole tbh

I’ve carried enough toys,kids and clothes up one flight of stairs to know that I wouldn’t fancy having to take them up another flight on a daily basis for the next umpteen years.

I wouldn’t consider Rathcoole to be nice either. Maybe 10 years ago it was a thriving town, now its a suffocated town.

It’s a town house, in the country with none of the benefits of living in a city / large town. You normally build an attic conversion yourself to get more space, if the house comes with on then you have no storage in a smaller house - where will you keep the Christmas decorations for F-sake

it’s almost half a million euros for what - for that money I want to be blown away.

It is not as choked as most Dublin towns. Maybe that just means there will be more development in future

Those houses are awful. Why a person would even consider living there for anything near that money is beyond me.

these are also up there aswell - a lot smaller then others

You can rent 5 bed detached houses in Rathcoole for 1K per month.

315,000 for a two bed semi? How much is that going to cost a month?

315,000 price with 90% LTV @ 5%, 25yrs = apx €1,666 p/m or about €1,400 after relief…

likely to be large part of any potential FTB couple’s joint income looking to buy there.

I think those houses are lovely and compared to other houses in other areas nearby I think they are good value for the area and for what you get.

I’ve been up a few times and everytime i’ve looked at a house i wanted (2), the next week when i’ve gone to put a deposit down the house i wanted had been sold, so they must be selling well. I wanted one of the original houses tho, I think they were the nicest.

I know Rathcoole well and I think its a great village, with everything you need, you can even walk up the road and it feels like your in the country or get into the car and your in town quick enough. I also think its one of the least over developed areas with new estates. The buses aren’t that great but there is a Luas going to be 15 mins walk away.

Ah, Blackchurch Homes, owned by they Sanley Macadam Group, those paragons of virtue. … 34890.html

You will not be able to walk from Rathcoole to Citywest Luas stop in 15 mins. It would take about an hour.I have walked from Saggart to Citywest and it took me half an hour