Diane Feinstein Dead

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Before that one moved on Katie Hobbs went missing and 4th in line treasurer took the reins which was seen as odd. Not sure if she’s back yet.

As for Feinstein. I see immediately many assume she was McCain’d, with other assuming same for Hobbs too.

Sure whatever you’re having yourself.

Actually if her corpse was on the ballot I’d vote for her considering the likely alternatives at the moment.

They are

  • a lying psychopathic fantasist who writes very bad Hollywood’ scripts that are so bad they never sell. And who fabricated a lot of the J6 “evidence” which was conveniently destroyed when they lost the House.

  • an utterly corrupt and incompetent black psycho-bitch black supremist whose vapid stupidity is almost equaled by her personal corruption.

  • a women who is so batshit crazy that even the most left loony deranged “activists” sometimes say, - whoa, you went a bit too far there.

So give than the winning margin in the election for any of the above will be mostly provided by dead and non existent voters I say - Put the Stiff on the Ballot.

Saying all that. It was very sad to see Dianne Feinsteins decline over the last decade. It was a tragedy she was nt allowed to retire a decade ago when she wanted to. She was the very last sane moderate senior Democrat left in the state party.

She was a very good Mayor and had a good middle of the road track record in the Senate over the years. And unlike all other local senior Fed politicians like Pelosi, Boxer, Harris she had an absolutely fantastic reputation for helping her ordinary constituents. If you were nt rich or had connections the offices of Pelosi, Boxer, Harris could not give a flying fuck what your problem was.

Feinsteins staff were first class. I knew of several people they helped over the years. When dealing with the insanity of the Federal bureaucracy. Especially the VA. Just ordinary working stiffs. Most not even Dem voters. She and her office were a class act. Could not have been more helpful and were quick to resolve issues. Her office had a reputation of not taking bullshit excuses from Fed agencies.

But there again she was a local. Native San Franciscan. Not some blowhard from NY. Or a mafia figlia from Baltimore. So she tried her best to represent for all San Franciscans and all Californians


Her political common sense will be sorely missed.

Iirc she was compromised by China for a long long time, this kind of info came out in 2018

Ya don’t forget a photo like that, memetic, but the date, is that a delta? :thinking:

The local chatter was that the “advisor” and the other guys (there are whole bunch of “other guys”) was known about for years and it was a bit of a running joke. All very Keystone Cops on the part of the Mainland Chinese. The “consulate” on Laguna St keeps trying to spy on people yet down the street just off Fillmore is a mystery houses with shuttered windows with a whole array of antenna pointing up the hill at guess where.

SF in a Cantonese town. The Mandarin speaking Mainlanders are recent arrivals. They stick out like sore thumbs. Even to me. Not just body language but actual language. It sounds totally different. The Cantonese traditionally hate the Mandarin speaking northerners. Even before 1949. The traditional Chinese population of SF are either people oppressed by the Mandarin speakers historically, who fled post 1949 Communist China, or else are from Taiwan or HK. So guess what. They hate the CCP and they really really hate the arrogant stuck up profoundly parochial and socially inept recent arrivals from the Mainland.

So the traditional Cantonese approach is to smile and be all friendly with our “fraternal Chinese cousins” while working out how to rob the stuck up rubes from Beijing blind. Because the Rubes from Beijing have money. Lots of money. So I am sure the MSS reps on Laguna St have signed up lots of willing “spys” among the local Cantonese who have been feeding them whatever made up shit they think the MSS want to hear. And in typical Cantonese fashion I would expect them to be playing both sides. And unless they still had family on the Mainland they needed to protect I’d expect them to be very much playing for the local side. The US.

The Cantonese unlike the Mandarin speakers are easy people to like and get on with once you get the hang of their culture. The Mandarin speakers are very easy to dislike. Basically hicks with a superiority complex. And no sense of humor. Although this is more a maritime province thing. Those Mainlanders from interior provinces tend to be much nicer people. It seems they cant stand the people from the maritime provinces either.

So as you see the whole - Feinsteins “advisor” worked for Chinese intelligence - might not actually play out the way outsiders might think it did. And given the way the Cantonese sense of humor works it could be many different things. All at the same time. The Cantonese love a great practical joke. And in the true Cantonese fashion, we will never ever really know.

Welcome to the inscrutable Orient…

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Why is anyone honoring Feinstein?

She was one of the most corrupt politicians in America. She employed a Chinese spy for 20+ years. She served as Senator for 31 years, and what did she accomplish?

Thank her for her service? She served no one but herself and her donors.

Her net worth is $220 million. That she stole. From you. Via insider trading and money laundering. All the while she allowed California, and her District of San Francisco, to turn into a drug-infested 2SLGBTQIA+ homeless zombie apocalypse.

When we talk about “establishment politicians”, she’s at the top of the damn list. She’s been a Senator for 31 years, and under her watch, America has turned into a shithole. Not only did she let it happen, but her Left-wing policies made it a possibility. She played a significant role in destroying California and this nation with open border policies and woke insanity.

So spare me with all the “Rest in Peace”. She was one of the main reasons we are in the position we are in today. She destroyed America and I wish her no blessings in whatever afterlife she faces.

And before anyone says this is partisan, I feel the same way about McCain, and any other Deep State traitorous rat who bites the dust.
Some of y’all don’t hate establishment politicians enough, and it shows.


Oh yea Miley gone too.

Newsome POC priority.

… while Feinstein pushed for support of China’s trade privileges on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

If you haven’t noticed by now, many of your politicians use the same formula of selling out their country and having family members rake in the cash.

What we need is audits of every politician every year and audits of every single one of their family members without hesitation.

This has been going on in our country for far too long and now the people are awakening to it thanks to people like Joe Biden, Menendez, and Feinstein.

Kim Clement breaking out on twitter

September September


Sorry OW. Thats all the same old bullshit. Makey up stuff.

I’ve heard pretty much the whole back story of her husbands business dealings over the decades and some of them were iffy, but by local standards they were all completely ligit. Unless you want to try to put together a “Ham Sandwich” case. Well then you can easily prove a case against their pet dog.

Now Mr Pelosi on the other hand…

Feinstein came from a wealthy family. Her father was a high profile doctor in SF. Very high profile. Her first husband was quite a character and a very big name locally. As a lawyer, judge and political fixer. The marriage did not last long for obvious reasons.

Her second husband Richard Blum came from a local wealthy family and was already independently seriously wealthy from his M&A deals and private equity company before he married Feinstein. It was a mid sized private equity company, about $5B AUM, and given the sorts of companies they invested in it was very easy for political opponents to make the optics of deals look bad.

But in the last five decades only two deals (nether involved China) both local(ish) was there any evidence that everything was not totally above board. From what I remember one deal went through the other did not. Would have been back in the 1990’s. And both I think were CBRE deals not his own companies.

The difference between the Feinstein family finances and the Pelosis is like night and day. You could find iffy stuff here and there if you looked hard enough in the Feinstein finances. And people looked very hard. For decades.

With Pelos’s it was no matter where you looked in their financial dealings everything stunk to high heaven. Almost nothing looks legit. Paul Pelosi came from a well to do family but they were not as rich as the Feinsteins. Let alone the Blums. The Pelosi family money kept him out of prison for his DUI killing of his brother but that was about it. Paul Pelosi only started making serious money when his wife started her political career in DC. Apart from the influence peddling money the Peloi’s just own a modest number of real estate properties around the City. Thats all. It was DC money that made them wealthy.

So no Feinstein was not “most corrupt politician ever”. Thats just totally make up shit by totally clueless morons with a political agenda.

Now the one piece of real financial malfeasance she was guilty of during her political career is never ever mentioned by those claiming she was corrupt. Simply because they dont have a fucking clue what they are talking about.

When she took over as major after Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk had be shot dead by Dan White it was very obvious that Jim Jones while head of the City Housing Authority had stolen many millions of dollars of city money to finance the building of Jonestown. Probably in the region of $20M. In order to buy time politically and buy-off the violent radicals (literally) Feinstein basically shut down any potential inquiry into the stolen money and drew a line under the Jim Jones time in the SF Housing Authority and pretended the looting of city funds never happened.

And given that there was at least one serious assassination attempt on her at the time and a whole bunch threated or planned I’d give her the benefit of the doubt on that subject. Because I can not think of one single important progressive / radical in local politics at the time who was not connected with Jim Jones one way or another. If she had pushed too hard on the stolen money and other Jim Jones stuff they would have had her killed.

So you see. It’s complicated. But as politicians go she was one of the better ones. And as I said previously, the Chinese angle, mostly bullshit too. The real Chinses corruption scandal was at the heart of the Obama administration. Where Feinstein was most definitely not welcome. She was way too Joe Liberman for them.

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Did you see what the new Senator is most known for?

“Emily’s List” is basically a satanic inversion of “Schindler’s List”…instead of a list of those who are saved it is a list of those happy to kill.

lshe was the president of EMILY’s List from 2021 to 2023

EMILY’s List is an American political action committee (PAC) that aims to help elect Democratic female candidates in favor of abortion rights to office. It was founded by Ellen Malcolm in 1985.[4] The group’s name is an acronym for “Early Money Is Like Yeast”. Malcolm commented that “it makes the dough rise”.[4] The saying refers to a convention of political fundraising: receiving many donations early in a race helps attract subsequent donors. EMILY’s List bundles contributions to the campaigns of Democratic women in favor of abortion rights running in targeted races

It gets better. She is not from California. She is from Mississippi and has lived in Maryland for quite a while now. She only lived in California for a few years more than a decade ago while working for the most corrupt labor union in the state. Which gives huge amounts of money to Dem politicians in state. Tens of millions $ p.a.

She has not lived in the state for years. She is a DC swamp person. The CA “property address” is standard MO for party hacks to keep state appointments while living elsewhere. She is a very wealthy black lesbians nutcase (a really nasty one) whose job is to raise and organize the distribution of many tens of millions of dollars p.a illegal Dem Party slush funds. Thinks of her as a small time Nancy Pelosi. Running a political funds money laundering operation.

Oh yeah. She has almost definitely evaded paying very large amounts of state income tax. Unless she can prove conclusively prove that she has not been a California resident for the last five years.

Even some of the most cynical and corrupt state Dem Party operatives are aghast at just how stupid this appointment was.

Newsome was trying to not favor any of the state party factions who are running candidates next year for the seat but by giving it to a union slush fund organizer, the people who pay about 70% of the state Dem Party organ grinders, he has pissed off everyone. By appointing some out of state Big Labour bagman who represents < 0.03% of the state population. And doesnt even live in the state.

So just as stupid as pretty much every decision he made as Mayor. Next up, a FOI to the state Franchise Tax Board to see just how many state tax filings the “senator” made in the last 5 years. Bet you its none. Which could get interesting.