Diarmaid Ferriter's role is now clear; to be a ferret


You don’t get to be a history professor in UCD unless you’re completely sound on the fundamentals. You can have a few unorthodox views that would stir up the conversation slightly at a Ranelagh dinner party. But that’s it. You believe in the project and defend it.

Diarmaid’s role is to be the latest in a long line of establishment mouthpieces who have a country accent but denigrate and poo poo actual country people. Maybe Noel Whelan didn’t die, he just lost some weight?

  1. Lectures country people to shut up and denies their life experience.

  2. Makes the establishment feel good about screwing the country

‘The peasants are complaining sure. But we have our own country sounding person who has a contrary view’

  1. Reinforces the tightly held establishment ideas about ‘Parish pump politics’. Ignoring the obvious fact that The Irish Times itself is Ranelagh’s parish pump.


And for the stats to back up any of his polemics, he uses as role as the undisputed go-to-person in this country on all things historical. He’s a Professor don’t you know!