"Died Suddenly" "Died Unexpectedly" "Died at home"

For all the JOBS she held, she could afford more elaborate pieces of jewellery all right. Adams auctions have great shit sometimes selling for less than scrap gold plus commission. Wearing fake jewellery brings fake karma to fake life

Eh I don’t think it was the jab?

Mentally ill woman tries to change the world to fix her mind. Many such cases!

We actually let a BPD woman determine our justice policy. What the actual f**k? They’re a perpetual emotional storm.


Assoc Prof
, Author Policing 20th Century Ireland. Member
. Host
. Policing & criminal justice. And mental illness (BPD)

As someone who suffers from serious mental illness I do love the idea of darkness into light, the imagery and meaning. But damn, don’t support pieta house. They pay therapists so badly,
& have treated people in crisis so badly. And of course these should be state funded services

She only discovered Dialectical Behavior Therapy in 2021. Recommended Talk therapy treatment for BPD. That’s 2 years after being appointed to our Policing Authority

First cycle of #DBT finished tonight. Made it to every session for 8 months. For anyone considering it is incredibly challenging but feels like the right direction

And as ever with these things you’re left wondering why those who suffered the traumas are the ones who have to do all the work

Yes, as ever with BPD’s, they talk about their “trauma” a lot. Little appreciation of the chaos they cause.

So much of the ranting this week about sex being biological has completely ignored and diminished the existence and experience of intersex persons. It’s not just the trans community who are hurt by this #intersexrights

She wouldn’t even have been impartial enough to be on a jury. Yet she was on our Policing Authority?

#IStandWithAmberHeard Sickened. This trial has done nothing but justify domestic violence and demonise mental illness

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This event was very quiet. Looks like the Menace fake venoms are not that fake


One of the children found her unresponsive and went to the apartment of a neighbour, who called 911. Police said there were no signs of foul play. Autopsy results are pending from the medical examiner.

"He says: “It’s a mad one as he does that flight all the time from LA to here. But the day before he got on the flight he had to have that covid booster injection in The States.

“He lands and starts complaining about this headache. It was murdering him. Our mam wanted him to go to A&E but he said ‘no I’ve got to go to rehearsals’.

“So he gets to rehearsals and he can’t recognise any of the band. He can’t recognise the drummer Gaz or anyone.

“He lives in LA but when we play shows he flies in and comes and stays at me mam’s in Salford. So he goes home and takes some more painkillers and stuff because his head’s murdering him.

“Then me mam goes in his room at 6am and he was gone, rigor mortis had set in.”

He adds: “When the ambulance came they said it looked like it had been a blood clot or a brain tumour, but it’s just weird that he’d had that Covid booster the day before."

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Oh come on, surely no one’s claiming the booster killed him??

Tested positive for booster is all. RIP.


Surely you’re not actually shocked at that concept?


I’m shocked that it got published.

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Is it twisting your melon man?

I won’t link to them but this has been a bad few days on RIp.ie

Where you entering the unexpectedly in the search function please?

I do a site search on Google using the colon after the address. So in the search bar of Google I type

rip.ie: unexpectedly

And then in the drop down box for search tools I change the Google search from any time to past week


What are you counting then after that?

You can’t rely on the page navigation bar at the bottom. It’s fake. It’s borked as is the results count afawct.

I tried it and as you click it you get 6 pages, even though the linked pages indicate 10 pages+ of search results. Total lie.

You’d almost think they want to ward peopel off from searching by instilling a “can’t be bothered” reaction to what looks like infinite results. Other search engine allow you search same but do an infinite scroll page serving.

Another tip for the way things are going, sometime sit’ better to use image search to find things.

If you apply that to this then you get a tangible head count fo that result.

You get 30 photos, maybe not all listing have photos. I dunno.

Case in point, image search - I didn’t know John Reynolds died in 2018.

That was unexpected! :grimacing:

Well it is just a snapshot. But if you want accuracy you go small and read them

23 Total Death Notices in Dublin published on 1 August 2022



On August Bank Holiday 2019 there were 26 deaths but only 2 Suddenly

Never heard of him, anyway 31.

Collapsed during a walk. Obvious case of over-exertion, right?