Disappointment Money

Has anybody heard of the concept of “Disappointment Money”. A fella at work was telling me about it but googling and searching the pin hasn’t turned up as much detail as I’d like. It is referred to in this article: irishtimes.com/newspaper/opi … 65505.html

Apparently if you lose (or quit) your job as a government minister you get paid because of the devastating disappointment. According to this reference it was introduced by De Bert during his glorious reign: politics.ie/current-affairs/ … ost2525444

Is this real? Does it still exist? How is it that Lennister House hasn’t been burned to the ground and Jackie Healy-Rae kicked to death by an angry mob?

(Don’t mis-understand me - I’m not saying that JHR should be kicked to death. I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened.)

It has existed for TDs for a good while. De Bert increased the amount for ministers, I believe and also allowed that ministers could get paid it while still sitting should they be sacks of shit or shuffled out of their Mercs.

edit: and yes, oh boy does it exist. Just another gold-plated benefit for our public representatives.

They dont just take away your salary, they phase it out over time, so you get half your salary for six months and a quarter for the next six months

Something like that

Jesus - you couldn’t make this stuff up. XX

We did

reminds me of a mate who backs England in rugby and soccer world cups; he’d hate it if they won but then at least the bet comes in

What, have we run out of disappointment cheese already?

So’s they go quietly I expect

It seems perfectly reasonable to me, now where did I leave my beard trimmer?

I thought everyone knew of this.
Martin Cullen resigned from the Dáil - got severance pay worth almost €79,000, a minister’s pension of €60,000 p.a., a TD’s pension worth €46,500 p.a., a lump sum payment as part of his pension worth nearly €140,000, a free parking space in central dublin and god knows what else.
Willie O’Dea resigned from a ministerial position, still a TD with a salary of €92,672 per year. Got a severance package worth some €98,000, which comes from his keeping 75% of his ministerial pay – €37,000 for the next six months, 50% for the 12 months after that and 25% for the remaining six months.

Bertie Ahern, John O’Donoughue…
Rody Molloy, Patrick Neary…