Discernable Trends in Uranium Despite Market Volatility

Discernable Trends in Uranium Despite Market Volatility -> dailyreckoning.com/discernable-t … z16h3vptWg

The price is going nuclear. :-GC

Physical possession is a real nightmare too. Just try to get to sleep with your uranium stockpile under the matress and see how long the wife sticks around.

Seriously though, is uranium not a restricted tradeable commodity? Do you have to have certification of some description to purchase it?

There isn’t any need to; uranium is to quote the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, “mostly harmless” :slight_smile:

Sure there are tonnes of Uranium sitting in Dublin at this moment & most people aren’t even aware of it, it’s used as ballast in aircraft !

This story does make me wonder if the price of Uranium is getting to the point where it might be worthwhile for us to start mining ours ?

Dunno, you can buy it from amazon

From my days in the laboratory I think you need a license from the RPI, Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland, another quango (But I wouldn’t abolish them, Radon testing etc…). Good luck with that application…

Loved the note about Christmas delivery.
Even more interesting is what the other people that viewed this also viewed (or was it just you temene? - if so the moderators need to turn you in!)

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The Internet - you just can’t beat it for entertainment

That’s depleted Uranium (Isotope U-238), as also used in Armour piercing amunition. The “traded” type is ore bearing a percentage of U-235 which is ultimately the fuel for reactors, things that go bang, etc.