Disparity between online advertised prices...

Talking to a friends wife’s father the other night. Works in some capacity in the construction industry. Obviously has an interest in the industry taking off again, but was of the opinion that we were 2 to 3 months from “the bottom”. Groan :angry: I think to myself.

Not wanting to start an argument with a virtual stranger I pointed out the obvious (tactfully) - overall employment situation nationally, condition of the banks, available credit etc etc - but when I made reference to the advertised prices on EA websites, DAFT etc., he basically said “Ah sure don’t mind them”. “From the point of view that actual selling prices could vary wildly with asking prices?” I ask. “Yeah, but also with the asking prices on the EA’s books themselves” says he.

In other words his opinion was that on a more widely accessible, and probably less frequently updated forum like websites there could be a far disparity with what the EA’s actually may have at the moment as asking prices. I’m not a frequenter of EA offices having been liable to put a rock through their windows :laughing: over the last number of years, but is this possible or wishful thinking on his part?

You might want to clarify what this chap was suggesting there Aspro.

In a nutshell - don’t mind the property websites. Go into an EA’s office to get the real (reduced) prices…(in other words, they want individual sales, not overall crashing prices).

I suppose I’m on to the fruitless exercise of seeking anecdotal evidence of the difference between asking and selling price.

I’ve noticed that the asking price on daft/myhome has sometimes been higher than what the EA would tell me when at a viewing.
Hasn’t happened often, and not by crazy amounts (20/30k at most if I remember right) but enough to make me drop into EA offices for updated price lists whenever I’d have a chance. Thought it would be worth a shot doing this, but hasn’t been so far. Still is a bit strange though.