DIT at Grangegorman

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Should be positive for house prices in the area; and may support the rental market.


I would stress.

They have been talking about this for ten years at least.

And it looks like they have finally gotten to the stage of concluding the discussions about discussions, and moving on discussions about the actual project itself…at some point in the next twenty years future a brick will be laid…or maybe won’t be.

This project is teaching me the meaning of Keynes aphorism “In the long run, we’ll all be dead”.

May hollow out some areas where DIT already active.

Kevin Street, Bolton Street, Cathal Brugha Street…dont think it would really matter that much…

maybe so but a fair few sandwich shops/pubs etc.

heard the head of this on the radio this evening. Have planning… now they just need to get funding…
surely won’t be easy.

Sums DIT Grangegorman up perfectly.

Sums up Ireland.

Think about how long it took to do Tallaght Hospital, O’Connell street, Terminal 2, Landsdowne Road Stadium,the Luas, the conference centre, the Corrib Gas field.The children’s hospital is the latest mess. We have government by report, on report and no action.

Latest is the Gas Fracking report, which Gilmore promptly said he will set up a committee to report on the report. Why bother in the first place. A study group will then be set up to consider the committees report on the report, which will commission a Firm of highly paid international consultants to tell the study group what ever they want to hear, which will then be considered by the minister, who will file it in the Dail Library, and schedule a debate, at some time in the future, t which stage the original report will be out of date and a new report will be started, if anybody can remember the original question. Where was I? Oh yes and then we have the appeals, the appeal of the appeal, the judicial review of the appeal, the appeal of the judicial review.

Or there is some fuck up some where, and 5 different quangos announce investigations. (ever notice that?)

Here’s the Pleanala link


How long is this permission valid for? Couldn’t find it.

This is one of those I’ll believe it when I see it projects. But didn’t the Gov say it was in their 5 year plans?

It’s Funny I was just talking to someone the day this thread was created unbeknownst to myself. I find that happens a lot now. I think of a subject or curiosity and maybe months days and even weeks another pinster has formulated a thread so. It’s fuppin’ Magic I don’t need to post any more :smiley:

Well it appears the Demagogues are still deluded and drunk on their self perceived power and can not resist a bit of pomp and circumstance. The Great Mall of China and the Dublin Uni Quarter or DUQ (if it quacks like a DUQ then it probably is a DUQ) are this kind of thinking writ large!

Hey don’t get me wrong I love big thinking but you must note all great ideas work on the smallest simplest principle or form and can scale accordingly, granting them word changing trans-formative ability; enduring until superseded by the same process of creation strikes gold once more.

This to me is more of the square peg round hole thinking of manifest of the last few decades emanating form the pantheon of Ireland most busy Demagogues. You’d think they’d have learned from Ballymun. The shopping malls built across the country vacating. The vast swathes of empty commercial and industrial space in the million of thousands of square feet, vacant.

Alas this is the kind of fuzzy feel good manna that politicians like to generate so as to harvest and empower themselves even more, by rounding up the community wagons and calling them stake holders. So they can parcel out to their cronies the social and monetary wealth of the so called stake holders.

I know where you’re coming from…you can just picture the focus group meetings taking place somewhere on Merrion St about this…a few heads from Kevin St…a few from Bolton St…a few from the department of education…a few from environment…some random other observers chipping into to earn their consultancy fees…the main objective of which is too string it out as long as possible so that no decisions are made.

One thing though: Have you ever been on the Grangegorman site…its a massive site right in (almost) the city centre with acres of green…they should do something with it regardless.

Bird’s eye view - it’s a great site


Yes and besdie it the a perfect monument to the waste and inaccuracy of the the demogogues, a decommissioned rail station terminal, Broadstone but now bus depot.

Good old strategic thinking from the same House that brought you Collapse 3.0.

In the DUQ grand plan was there a pace to establish it and plug it into the DUQ and surrounding areas?

Don’t bring that up…it would just upset me…

Paris turns its train stations into the Musee D;Orsay…one of the finest cultural spaces in the world.


…oh lord.

What is the building with the bell tower on Grangegorman Lr? I always thought that was part of the train station, but there is actually a fair gap between them…

You might want ot sit down for my next quote…You see I trace the rough sketches of my ongoing hypotheses of semiotics vision by the trail of destruction these muppets leave behind. You can not hide your fearmind from OW’s all seeing eyes!.. low and behold wiki reveals

Use for LUAS

The only reason Iarnród Éireann made any proclamations about Broadstone was because the RPA were eyeballing it for Luas. They’ve already got two heavy rail termini that don’t quite serve the city centre, adding a third that doesn’t quite serve it either adds little to their repertoire. This was little more than a mickey swinging exercise, IE has had decades to come up with a plan for Broadstone, they had none until the RPA wanted it. Its wasted as a bus depot, but reopening it as a rail terminus isn’t the way forward either.

It is however a bit of a shocker that a building as grand as Broadstone station is more or less idle…its not far from the city centre…surely could be used for something worthwhile.

(Although not a museum…Dublin too well served by museums at this point in my view…walking around Collins Barracks mid week and there are more attendants than visitors).

I know…


And we could create a tax break for developers who invest in them!!!

I think you outline a classic case of two wildly misplaced derivate powers/institutions of the greater demagoguery in futile opposition. In that context you are right. Pissing contest.

However in the context that all planning in the state virtually ignored or dismantled from day one, to what was actually a rather fine structural metropolitan template; should clarify the fulcrum from where I appraise.

There are 6/7 major iron road stations positioned in a loose C-form in sympathy with the crescent shape of the Dublin metropolitan foot print with the Irish Sea bringing to a halt eastward expansion. Real vision would have harnessed this existing symmetry and provision and clustered and built around it. However we all know about the cultural visionary deficit we endure.

So the first waves of land baggers grabbed the reigns of power and began to deconstruct the middle to spread it as far as they could on the outside reason. So sprawled forth the fields domestic bliss dreams, where todays nightmares gestated.

Are you a poet, or have you just been drinking? :laughing:

My grandmother was always very sore and bitter about the father of David Andrews TD, a FF govt minister in the 1950s who shut down the trams and closed Harcourt Street station.

Sure what would you need them for when people have cars.