DLRCC €27.5m properties may go on sale with reserve tag


Irish Times
Thursday, April 15, 2010


I think we are seeing the first signs of fear from council AH departments. They have most to fear from NAMA firesales.

Was talking to one of the boys in dun laoghaire council the other day. he showed me a list of 100 ah properties sold in the past 12 months and a further list of (I estimate) 200 unsold. I was surprised they have sold so many. In the past year, I’ve also sold a few through the shared ownership scheme (sub 300k houses). anyhow: seems to be some activity at the bottom end of the market.

Still, there must be a flood of properties all over town. This drip, drip is getting tiresome.

Thanks for the info, but 300 K is the bottom end of the market? Isn’t this above average house price? Sub 200 or 100 would be bottom end … IMHO

you’re right: 250K is bottom end in Dun Laoghaire for a house. I believe there is a 300k limit for some ah schemes as many council assisted buyers only show interest when this limit is breached.