Dmitry Orlov – Seizing the Mid-Collapse Moment

About an hour long, well worth a watch.

Bruce Darrell – The Future of our Food Supply

28 minutes

Beans, shotguns, zombies, hiding under the covers stuff!

It’s Thunderdome baby!

Guns and Butter interview with Dmitry Orlov:


Not sure about his strategy for reducing drug related violence - get rid of the Drug enforcement people.
‘Gangsters dont like killing each other so get rid of the DEA and they’ll stop’, seems a bit nonsensical.
Surely, as in any market, if the drug gangs are allowed a free hand, their impetus would be to create and control a monopoly?

This logic makes me wary of his more reasonable assertions.

I think he means that making the drugs available on perscription would make a war on drugs unnessesary. This is a logical arguement but only if implemented in all juristictions.

It is the government act of outlawing a substance or practice that creates a criminal enterprise in supplying it. The act of taxing a product creates a smuggling industry.

Outlawing alcohol in the US in the face of a huge public demand for alcohol alowed organised crime to become “organised”.