DNG - Dublin house prices up 2.2pc in 2012


Why would they not wait til tomorrow for the ‘official’ figures from CSO?

CPI up 1.2% Dec 2012 compared with Dec 2011

Wait, “the annual rate of change” rose by 2.2pc or house prices rose by 2.2pc?

1.2 I think

cso.ie/en/media/csoie/releas … ec2012.pdf

I was wondering if there was any way they could have gotten hold of any details ahead of the CSO release.
The CSO index for Dublin Houses was 64.0 at end of Dec 2011 and 64.0 at end of Nov 2012 so they’re effectively calling a 2.2% increase in December 2012 which probably wont be far enough off to leave them looking stupid. I guess if they released it tomorrow it would be old news whereas they’re probably hoping to grab a few headlines tonight.

I assume they are being very selective about what they are comparing. Not apartments? Not new properties? Certainly it appears from the Property Price Register that it’s too early to claim y/y increase in prices in the general Dublin market. The average for Q4 2012 is 4% lower than Q4 2011. It’s also worth noting the impact of the huge disposal of apartments in May 2012 that depressed the average in that quarter. No doubt they’ll be comparing the general market in Q2 2013 and singing a price rise from the roofs.

Although I welcome the graphs and data Coles, I personally think it’s hard to put too much faith average sale price. Too many other factors can influence that, such as developments (like the Gasworks) skewing the numbers. It’s hard to know what the right metric is, though, especially with such a low volume of transactions.

I suppose it depends what your expectations are. On the issue of transactions, I think the sample size is sufficient to get a general idea, but to fine tune it a little more we can exclude properties under €100k and above €1 million. It starts to present a more interesting picture and there are certainly grounds for suggesting that there was a bit of strength in the market towards the end of the year. We all know that, and it has widely been attributed to the Mortgage Interest Relief deadline. Can the momentum continue? Only time will tell.

Even today after everything we have been through a puff piece by discredited property shills is newsworthy in this godforesaken country.

There is no basis for this conjecture by the property shills but that won’t stop their control over the media channels, trying to convince us that a market running at 1% decline per month suddenly stops in it’s tracks and starts going up. For no good reason.

Blue Monday indeed. New order please.

rte.ie/news/business/2013/01 … -december/

How wrong do the shills have to be before they are discredited? What’s that? There isn’t such a wrong? There’s no 11 of wrongness? :blush:

I think we can see now why DNG got their press release out first.

:smiley: Feck it, I’ve written it and I’m in the pub all day tuesday…