Do EAs have any interest in selling houses at all?

Just rang to make an appointment to view, was told next viewing is Saturday. I said I probably wouldn’t be able to make that, could I not see it sooner and they said no, I was already down there today :open_mouth: House is empty so not an issue with gaining access.

They are not slaves you know. They have many houses to sell and many tire kickers to accommodate, a saturday viewing suits most people. If you have any interest in buying the house at all, could you not make the bit of effort to get out of the scratcher on saturday? :slight_smile:

Maybe they are short of staff as we are now well into July and people usually don’t househunt as much at this time of the year?

Most of the EA that I deal with are working very hard indeed these days.

It’s not a matter of me getting out of the scratcher, bed at 12.30 on Saturday? Chance would be a fine thing! If they are short staffed that’s fair enough but they could have said that and apologized for same, rather than the abrupt take it or leave it I got.

Maybe you just came across a bad agent, my experience of late is that will show you an empty house any time day or night. Can’t fault the agents these days, but they can’t make the vendors take our bids though!

Haha…expect there to be a few other people conned into the same viewing time.

I actually prefer when there’s more people there - the agents get distracted by the others and I can poke around more effectively without being trailed around the house.

I don’t see anything wrong with having multiple parties at viewing at all, like the last poster I prefer not to have the EA following me around and it is always interesting to see what other people turn up, listen to their comments etc.
I think in this case I did come across a particularly poor EA, I have dealt with them before.

King in Ranelagh. They are not great to deal with at all.

If I was selling a house and my EA told a prospective buyer to come at a time that suited them I would be livid.

I spent half a day cleaning up my own house on two occasions for people who couldn’t make weekend viewings who my EA had agreed to accommodate. Myself and the EA both agreed we would facilitate anyone who wanted to view the place.

Did this become a sellers market again all of a sudden?

I have had problems getting appointments where the agent genuinely seemed to have a full book for anything after 4pm - eventually managed to see the place with someone they’d taken on for the month to help out*. Doesn’t sound like this was the case here tho.

  • Turned out to be one of two properties I genuinely liked, but was a duplex which put me off. Just unagreed after 3 months agreed as well, and the vendors have apparently rejected a new/re-offer of 15% under asking so didn’t go for a second look)

I’m sorry but are ya for real? Do you think you are making an EA’s day by asking for a viewing?

They show houses all week, and if they are already showing a house on saturday, then I can totally understand why they will not offer you another time before that. Perhaps it does not suit the vendor, perhaps the EA does not want to work every weeknight aswell as Saturdays.

Almost every viewing I have been to (every decent house) has had multiple parties at each viewing, they are not as quiet or perhaps desperate as you imagine, apart from houses that are not having much interest. Im sure they would bend over backwards to show you one like that. But a house thats well priced and has a viewing already scheduled… nah.

Im sure most home owners give estate agents time frames in which the viewings can be done.

I dealt with an agent [mod edit] who allowed me to choose if I wanted to do the viewings myself, while they did negotiations and photo’s among other things. So I saved money on the parts I did. They are worth looking into! :slight_smile:

Mod edit - removed name of EA. Please pm Leanne if you want details…

You’re potentially paying out hundreds of thousands of euros on something, wrapping yourself up in debilitating debt for years and the estate agent won’t even allow you to look at the place without 10 other people to try to create a buzz about the place. For a purchase of this size, you should be able to view the place within office hours and on terms which are agreeable to the vendor and the interested parties.

When you go to buy a new car, do you do so only on a Saturday when there’s 10 other people and their parents and grandchildren around? Obviously that’s for a purchase of much lower value.

The whole estate agent system is rotten, unsustainable and will go in the next 10 years, imho.

The good news is that because so many of these useless, dishonest shits have lost their jobs in the last year the few who have actually retained employment can pretend to be busy and pull it off 1/2 the time.

I have highlighted the relevant bit. To an EA you are random punter no 22 to ring and ask to see a house that day. Probably you will see it once and decide you are not interested - thats what the vast majority of viewers do. Maybe you will ask for a second appointment by yourself, declaring yourself interested in the property - at this point I would expect an EA to facilitate your request if the vendor is agreeable.

When you buy a new car you are buying a mass produced product. There are not 10 other parties interested in that specific blue Renault Laguna with the chassis no 20004, because they can buy one just like it there or elsewhere, any time they please. Also, a family do not have to move out of the car and tidy up every time they show it. Try and remember the world does not revolve around you.

The estate agent system has been around a lot longer than you, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable.

For the first time in living memory I have an EA chasing me with clients (3 years on the market) apparently in the panic mode / will to deal at a substantial discount to the original ask.

So to answer your questions - EAs have huge interest - it is the clients who are the problem.

In the UK when I viewed places it was always one on one. I have never been to a multiple viewing

The UK does a lot of things differently, as I am sure the U.S. does. Buying a home in Spain or Japan may also differ from the Irish experience.

In Ireland, where we are talking about, if I was facilitated for a first viewing as the OP described, I would probably be slightly worried why nobody else is interested in it, but it could be just that it suits you, the EA and the Vendor.