Do my eyes deceive me?

So i was looking through houses today and stumbled across this:
Because I had entered in some criteria for my search must be Semi-Detached and must have 3 beds…

Now this looks terraced to me?!
So I went onto to google maps and sure enough it is terraced!!
So my question is… would an AE who lies about what type of house it is turn you off even going to view the property?

Or is it a genuine mistake?

There are instances when “semi detached” is a state of mind. This property is *culturally *semi-detached you see. It’s not one of those nasty knacker terraces - oh no siree! It’s a nice terrace, which for all intents and purposes is far more accurately described as semi-detached.

I am not being facetious by the way. I honestly think that’s what’s afoot with this description.

not so sure Tim’s an EA… seems to be a private jobby. P’aps he couldn’t get an EA to say it was semi-d…

Technically I guess it’s “end of terrace”.

Clearly the owner feels this is just as good as semi-d, and labelled it as such as as not to appear as “terraced”, which many of us would have excluded in their search criteria.

Sneaky but understandable.

If their sneaky just putting the ad up for the house would you really want to be putting an offer in?? Thinking - will they be sneaky and say they already have a higher offer?!

It’s not really that sneaky when the very first picture clears up the mis-categorisation!

I wouldn’t hold it against them if it was somewhere I was interested in. As for the other mind-games, you need to watch for them anywhere, with any house! Trust no-one. :nin

Unfortunately this is yet another example of an estate agent tactic that is all too common, along with lying about the orientation of the garden or the size of the overall floor area. Last year I viewed a house that had been advertised as detached only to find on arrival that it was semi-detached. On that occasion, it wasn’t apparent from the photos (or from Streetview, as the house was a new build). I was so incensed at being taken for a fool and having my time wasted that I walked the agent into a corner and berated him loudly for three minutes in front of other people viewing the house.

(Normally I like to form an amicable relationship with these guys so next time I saw him I gave his hand a squeeze for correcting the ad and told him that if he’s straight with me, I’ll be straight with him. We’re back on an even keel now and he’s very forthcoming with useful info.)

I doubt websites will have a category for end-of-terrace-terraced houses, so seems fair enough to damn an end-of-terrace with the faint praise of being a semi-d. You only get to be driven demented by neighbours on one side rather than both, though being at the end of terrace you’ve a greater risk of problems from kids etc…

The bigger concern I’d have is it looks like it was added on to the real end of terrace house; the garden is all cramped at the back and the front of the house looks odd (only one upstairs window, and that window doesn’t match the adjoining house). Anyone buying would really want to have a close look at how they did the party wall and get a serious discount in any case as it’ll always have a hint of granny flat about it.

Me neither. ‘Terraced’ tends to call mid-terraced houses to most people’s minds I think. Semi-detached implies side access. If this house has side-access (sorry I haven’t looked at the ad) then I don’t have a problem with them describing it as semi-detached. As Conor says, the minute you’d see the picture you could just skip it then if you are totally against a terraced house of any kind.

not too sharp - don’t think it’s an EA selling this ‘gaff’

It’s semi-detached. Call it end of terrace if you like but it only has a house attached on one end so yeah, it’s technically semi detached.

OK so we’ve cleared up that it’s not AE selling the house - but does that mean the person in the middle who probably built this one on the side has totally devalued their own property as it will now be classified as terraced? Also I think if a house is end of terrace or mid terraced it’s still terraced! Your still going to have the person in the middle knocking on your door saying:

“do you mind if i leave my wheelie bin beside your gaf it’s just I’ve no side gate and don’t want it coming in through the house!!!”

The other houses advertised that are indeed terraced (regardless of where they are in the terrace) are advertised as terraced and not “semi-detached!”.
I’m not particularly interested in buying this house but I just thought it was unusual when I stumbled upon it and IMO if I was selling my house I would want to have the details perfect as to not have any angry viewers!

I’d call that a semi-d. It may be part of a terrace, but it’s still a semi-d in my book. I can’t see any difference between this house and your usual semi-d, other than the fact that the house connected to it, that is not part of the sale, is not also a semi-d.

I’ve a friend in the business, and she describes all houses as “terraced”, “end of terrace”, “semi-detached” or “detached”.

Why do you presume the guy in the middle built the subject house? At the end of the day my friend can’t even get an email enquiry on any form of terraced house, never mind a viewing. Chances are it was a terraced when Tim bought it & he’s just truing to move on…

She’d also say that irrespective of what kind of a hash (deliberate or otherwise) (& she sees plenty) is made of the listing, the photo tells most you need to know. She’s not advocating incorrect listings (deliberate or otherwise) - in her view the EA’s better off tell it like it is - the buyers are the real experts, very often watching the market closer than the EA’s, and one group of people she wants to keep on side are her buyers. Even wide-angle lens cameras can be deceiving & make the box room look far bigger than it is.

Well said - and logically, if ‘Tim’ is the vendor it removes any possibility that this is a ‘genuine error’.

And I agree with the opinion of your friend in the business that agents (or vendors) would be much better to ‘tell it like it is’ if they want to keep prospective buyers on their side.

I’m sure the guy could argue all day about how in some way or other the house is at least a little bit semi-detached instead of end of terrace but if the reactions of some of the pinsters here are anything to go by, he would be better off changing the ad.

Wouldn’t turn me off at all, purely because I dont believe ANYTHING they say anyway. Sure it might be true but I generally default to ‘anything they say, I want to see to believe’.

Its your money that your spending, its up to you do to your homework. Looks like your doing it! :slight_smile: